8GB USB Flash Drive


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Hello friends,

i have bought a new laptop few days and want to buy a new USB flash drive b'cz i m working in my office as well as at my home so transferring many docs daily ..

I was surfing on net today and read on a site about 8 GB USB flash drive .. i read it carefully and that usb has great configuration but the company name is EMTEC .. i don't know is that a good brand or popular in maket so would like to know about this USB ..

I have read it here:
8GB USB Flash Drive

If you have used this one ever or know about details please let me know.



I haven't had personal experience with EMTec but the drive appears to be solid from the review. I wouldn't worry too much about name brands with thumb drives as everyone is getting into the market and the technology is all the same (with the exception of those few that are pushing the limits of the thumb drive sizes like Sony...from what I've only heard)
8GB is also plenty of space for your document transfer. I use a 2GB for school and have the ability to create folders for each class with the homework assignments in them.