80286/80486 Restoration

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hey,guys,im a newbie here,hoping to get some light into my dilemma.you may find this very stupid.:D
im trying to revive a PC i found stored inside a cabinet for a long time.im not sure if it is a 486 so that i may use it as a file server or a router (anything that it can still do,even just a basic Word app).
the problem is that im having some difficulty booting it up.
i get the BIOS beeps of 2 quick short beeps and followed by 8 short beeps (which may indicate a ROM failure i presume)

it has a (2) 3.5 floppy drives,which upon seitching the power button immediately lights up but never goes off.

my monitor (which is still in black n white) has this wierd characters all over $'s,>'s,='s etc.

can anyone give me a slightest idea how do overcome this?
well,microbell,thanks for the concern.but im ditching it out.theres no RAM in this system."where was it?" i dont know. :D
anyway,i managed to salvage the two 3.5 floppies and the case looks neat.so i guess,i'll have to continue with my plans of assembling a new PC :D

thanks again!
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