800 Mhz RAM (Overclocked)


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ok well i recently purchased a new budget build for a friend and its on its way to me now,

but i jus noticed on ebuyer the motherboard jus says it takes 800Mhz RAM on another site it says it takes 800Mhz when overclocked, ive never overclocked RAM before.

will the motherboard recognise its faster and speed it up auto ? or do i have to do something ?

also why dont all 667 Mhz motherboards with OC features day they can take 800Mhz coz surely its not that hard to increase by 133 Mhz ?


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It doesn't have a divider to run the RAM with a 1066/1333 FSB or whatever it's max is if it's an Intel board.
If you overclock by increasing the FSB speed, the RAM will increase too.