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THOSE OF YOU expecting to get your hands on the nForce 780i in just a couple of weeks can go and make yourselves another few cups of tea - the release date has been put back until December.

Those in the know suggest that the issue is with Intel's new Penryn processors - 780i might work with everything currently on the market, but a few bugs have glitched the chipset's compatibility with 45nm parts .....

It seams that the nForce 780i isn't working the way it should at the moment. The chipset meant to replace the aging nForce 680i has issues with Intel's recently unveiled Penryn processors. The exact issues remains illusive but apparently the board will be delayed an additional two months and boards are not expected until December. A while back we reported about the nForce 780i being pretty much just a nForce 680i with a PCIe bridge chip and that they perform identically, and to be honest we sincerely hope that we're wrong about that one. Just adding a PCIe 2.0 bridge chip and calling it a whole new chipset is a slap in the consumers' face .......
all the 8800GT's are out of stock with no dates on when there supposed to be back in.

although i might be selling my GTS for 250$ to my brothers friend :D, i have another 20$ so i can buy myself and XFX 8800GT :D :D :D