6800GT or ATI X800XL?

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I know there have probably been many video card questions. I hope this isn't a typical one, because I hate redundency.

My question is, which card is most widely accepted by games. I will probably buy Half Life 2, WoW, Swat 4, Far Cry maybe, as well as other games. I need a card that will be the most compatible with most games I'll be playing when I get this pc built. Check my build below if it will help.

I was told at another forum, that the ATI X800XL would perform just as well as the 6800GT in the PC I'm building. But when I compare the two on the 4-5 games that are featured on the "VGA Charts: PCIe" at Toms Hardware, I saw that at times the X800XL was leading over the 6800 GT, but only a few times. Overall I think the 6800 GT would be more widely compatible to games, and in general be a better card.

What do you guys think?

ATI and GeForce fanboys DON'T GET IN A FIGHT! Lol, keep it civil.


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yea, you should have never made this post in the first place, since it'll probably be locked

anyways, the 6800GT is the obvious choice

the 6800GT will probably beat the X800XL in everything except HL2/CSS (but still, you can easily max out HL2/CSS and not lag using the 6800GT)

in addition, the 6800gt is muchmore overclockable than the x800xl

and most important of all, the 6800GT supports pixel shader 3.0, which the x800xl doesn't; PS 3.0 is the building block of all the future games and will allow you to turn on all the eye candy that the x800xl won't let you


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There are many threads like this...and the answer is so obvious it shouldn't be a debate. Get the 6800 GT...mainly because of Pixel Shader 3.0, which is both the brick and mortar of future games.

I would elaborate, but I have done so in many other threads just like this one. This thread is unnecissary and therefore will be closed.
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