6800GT card installed / monitor shuts down

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hi, I just installed the

Geforce 6800GT
256MB 256-bit
GDDR3 / PCI-Express x16 Video Card

in a

Gateway 552GE
Pentium 4

Screen resolution: 1024x768
16 bit color quality

I asked Gateway and newegg.com to make sure it was compatible. They both said yes.

I know the card itself was installed properly, because a local computer company installed it (for free...I know them) but then I installed the drivers at home. They are now gone for the weekend so I cannot ask them for help.

PROBLEM: I am trying to run a graphics intensive game...Battlefield 2 demo...it seems everything loads into the menu fine. Then I try to get into the actual game part, when loading is complete, the game screen opens, and then my monitor shuts down. A screen pops up telling me the Power saver feature is enabled and monitor will shut down.

When I turn monitor back on, another screen floats around telling me "the monitor is working correctly" and also "check your computer power cable" etc. I am then forced to shut down the computer using the power button.

I have already checked the power saver feature and it is NOT enabled. So, I am stumped. I am not very experienced with computer hardware, so talk to me like I'm an idiot. :)

Can someone please help me? I don't think Gateway will help cause it is not their hardware.



Im guessing your not feeding it enough voltage. I'm not really sure though, I have a gateway, and it's let me upgrade it a ton. No problems with it either.


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The newest nVIDIA drivers have issues with highly graphic intense games. I just finished having the same issues with some of my games, reinstalled older drivers and everything works fine.

What version driver are you using? Version: 71.89 is the newest and didn't work for me on two separate machines now. See if you can get a hold of an older version like 6.14.

Hope that helps.
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