6800 after the 7800

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so 7800 is coming out very soon, and im about to buy comp with 6600GT
question! how much do you think the price of 6800 will drop the day of and after 7800 is released??? ? ? ??

i wont have enough for 7800, and i will onlky have about 200 for any graphics card (thats why now im looking at 6600
I'm not sure there will be any price drop, typically it takes awhile for hardware to become cheaper.
ohh, didnt know it was 3 days, lol, i thought it was a week from tomorrow... and that I CANT WAIT lol
its n00b cuz summer is almost half over and i still have no gaming comp... lol
how much is the 7800 goin to cost? did't they just came out with
6800 ultra 512mb that cost nearly $900?
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