6200 high-res and widescreen wallpapers

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Desktop Nexus is a site with a wide variety of high resolution and widescreen wallpapers. The wallpapers are divided into popular categories such as Entertainment, Video Games and Cars. Each category displays the most popular, the newest and a selection of random wallpapers from that category next to a tag cloud and sub categories that define the selection even further.
One main feature of Desktop Nexus is that wallpapers are available in a lot of different formats that suit full screen and widescreen monitors. Resolutions start at 800×600 for full screen monitors and end at 1600×1200 there. The widescreen wallpapers start at 1280×800 and 2560×1600.

You do find a lot of great looking wallpapers at the website. I think it is rather strange that the download count is so low for all of the wallpapers. Maybe it is because the site is relatively new. You do not need to be registered to download a wallpaper in the size that you want which is definitely another plus for this website.
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