$600-$900 max gaming focused Laptop

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The title says it all! I am looking for recommendations for a laptop! Please help, I have been at a few stores however online is probably the better option for deals. Thanks for the info in advance!
You won't be gaming at max settings. I'd suggest ASUS or Toshiba. Just be sure to focus on the GFX and sound card. You can always add the extra RAM and HDD later
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You should check out the Alienware M11x. It is a portable gaming laptop (only 4.4 lbs). It has an NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 335M video card and 1000 MB Dedicated graphics card. At $799, it fits within your budget. The screen is a bit smaller than other laptops (11.6") but it has great sound.

What do you think of this option?

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