600-700 budget gaming comp

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Looking to build a decent gaming comp for 6-700 usd. dont know much about building.. but id like to buy 1-2 parts at a time.. and be able to play sc2/WOW perfecty with decent graphics.. thx for all the help

ps I need the screen to
dang... a screen too? what kind of screen are you thinking of? a nice Samsung 24" or a little dinky 17" off brand? the screen can eat up $200 easy if you want a good one, that leaves $400 - $500 to build a computer with... my graphics card cost more than that.

heres one thats already built and looks like its getting good reviews. i dont think you will be able to build one much faster than this for cheaper...

you can definitely build a nice rig with this budget, scan daily through newegg and other websites for deals.. my fav one is dealspl.us

my rig cost me $720 including a 28" LCD,..and the system specs are in my sig below.

good luck
sometimes cyberpowerpc can build one for a bit less then building it yourself. they have specials occasionally. I saved 150 bucks.

but if you must build your own amd is much cheaper.
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