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I was just wondering if it was possible to do the following:

Replace the data line in a 56k line from the 4 wires ( i think im wrong here , I did no research ) so that more data is capable of transferring thus making the data transfer into broadband.
Now one would replace the " data line " with line from coax all the way down to the main connection , the hardwire outside of the home.Sure I will probably electocute my ass into "people who are dumbasses Heaven " , so I probly wont be attempting this , thats my im keeping it at a theory state.So hopefully you , the members of this forum get what the hell im talking about and might have some answer for this , its been in my head for a long time now!
A while back, I did have a modem which was capable of making theoretically, a 112Kbps connection over two phone lines (pretty much two 56k modem's stacked together on one board), but I find that more expensive than paying just for broadband.

I don't really think it's really worth it, if that method at all exists, to tamper with your phone line just to make a synthetic speed gain, but me just says, just pay for broadband. If you can afford the computer you just paid for, which you are using, then I assume you can at least pay $35-50 for a cable modem or DSL connection, assuming it's in your budget range.
yeah by the time you pay for the extra phone line and isp it would come out about the same
I am just curious... why would you want to do this? Is broadband not an option in your area?
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