512mb 4200 rdram/1gb pc3200 ddr ram???

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I am thinking of building a computer and need to select the ram. I am thinking of P4 2.66/ Athlon xp 2600+ and i need to decide between 512mb rdram and 1gb ddr ram. any help would be great
What are you planning on using this computer for?
If the 1 GB doesn't cost much over than 512, then go for it, but if it isn't, 512 mb is still quite plenty enough for web surfing / gaming /etc.
well i was going to use it for gaming/video editing and they cost about the same, rdram is faster but 1gb ddr ram seems about equal to 512 rdram
Hmm... I have 512 MB DDR 2100, I use 3DS MAX 5 and all that good stuff, anyway, Ive never used my mem more than 300 MB.

I do gaming to the extreme and graphics design, but the peak has been 300 MB.
I would get the Athlon XP 2600+. Either 512Mb or 1Gb should be suitable. Get the 1Gb if you can. :)
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