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Hi there,
I'm looking to build a website directory of music sites; my initial idea is to allocate a box to a particular site, so on a page there will be 10 boxes with 10 different sites; so far its easy. However what I would like to do is for 2 links to be at the bottom of the boxes. A review link and a rate link !! When people click on review they can review the site (In a popup maybe) and they have the possibility to rate the site. After this, the sites with the highest ratings appear at the top of the page whilst the lower rating at the bottom....

You see loads of those on CGI scripts page where you are asked to rate a script...ie: http://www.cgi-resources.com/Programs_and_Scripts/Perl/Access_Counters/Graphical/

Problem is I've been looking for about 3 days for a FREE script but I can't find anything. Something like http://bandley3.com/review.shtml would be nice but I am looking for a FREE script as I have no money whatsoever...

If you know of anything kindly let me know;

Sam Gonzales
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