5 OSes at once!

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Well, I was bored today.. I do strange things when I'm bored.. So here's a screenshot of me viewing Tech Forums from 4 OSes at once on one computer. :p

The top left is Win2k Pro/IE5 running under VMWare Workstation, the top right is Slackware Linux 8.1/Konqueror 3.0.1 running off my Slackware box using XDMCP, the bottom left is Mandrake 9.0/Lynx under VMWare, and the bottom right is MacOS 8.1/IE3. By the time I was opening the last window (Mandrake/Lynx) my computer was lagging pretty good as I've only got 256mb of ram.. but it was all worth it though, right? Right?... hmm...


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Insanity I say :D

If I even bother running RedHat 8 over Virtual PC or VMWare, then my system usually slows down to a crisp, seeing as only 256 MB of RAM on me here.

But it looked quite nice what Tech Forums would look like over the Lynx text browser.
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