5.1 soundcard freezes computer

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I'm out of idea's. Please help, coz I'm going nuts.

I just bought myself this sweex 5.1 soundcard to replace my onboard Realtek soundcard (since that one doesn't support 5.1).

Allright, so I disable the old soundcard (Realtek AC97), let windows install his version of the driver for my new card. Totally screwed up. Can't get in "configuration->system" anymore, it just hangs, and when I reboot the computer hangs during startup. So I restore last configuration and install from the disk that comes with the card. That worked better. No visual problems.

However, now when I use the card (play a movie or mp3, any player) it plays for a few seconds and then stops and my computer hangs. ("few seconds" differs from time to time, sometimes it even hangs when playing the welcome tune when I log on to windows)

This led me to believe that there is a resource problem. So I checked out my irq ports. Looked like this (new card is disabled, but it took 11)


here's another screenshot of the io list (The sweex is disabled, but it took addresses B400-B4FF when enabled)


striking, it's on 11 but along with a lot of other things. Note that the old card also uses 11. I tried to change this for the new card but that seems not to be allowed by XP. I tried removing the ACPI driver and replacing it for a "standard PC" one, but this led to a complete mess, and I was still not able to change IRQ's.

Hardware & Software:

AMD Athlon 2500 - 512MB Ram - 2 X HD
300 W Power supply
AK-77 600GN motherboard, VIA chipset

Nvidia ati radeon 9200SE (AGP) &
Riva TNT 2 (PCI 3rd slot)
USB card (PCI 4rd slot)
Sweex 5.1 Soundcard (PCI 5rd slot)

Windows XP SP2

Please help, any ideas appreciated.
thanks in advance!
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