4gb ram installed, 2.5 recognized.

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Ok so I got an ASUS P5VD2-VM SE Board and Installed 2 2gb sticks of Fatality PC2 6400 ram.

I have windows 7 64bit, used to have vista 64bit and still never recognized the other 1.5gb of ram installed. Even in my BIOS it only shows 2.5gb of ram. I ran memtest and both sticks passed with flying colors, so I know the memory is good.

I know my motherboard can take a max of 4gb of ram, so what gives? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance..
If you only install one stick at a time how much ram does the BIOS say is installed?

Just took out both sticks and rebooted 1 at a time. Both in the BIOS and Windows Each stick shows up as 2.00GB, But with both installed at the same time, I only get 2.5gb :confused:
What type of video card to you have? How much ram does it have?

Are you sure that your copy of Win 7 is a 64-bit?
If testing each stick of RAM individually results in both Windows and BIOS reporting 2GB, then I doubt that there is an issue with the actual sticks of RAM.

When you have them both installed, does the BIOS tell you how much is installed in each slot. If the second slot is always only coming up as 0.5gb, then I'd be looking at putting in a warranty claim for a potential dodgy board.

Also note that according to the specs 256MB is shared for graphics and the manufacturer says due to a chipset limitation some of this is reserved and allocated for use by other devices (but losing 1.5GB due to this seems a bit too much)
My GPU is an NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT with 512mb ram.
Yes I'm running Windows 64 bit.
The BIOS doesn't state what per what slot, only totals and currently the total shows 2560mb ram usable.
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