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Ever since I bought my computer 2 years ago I have been having problems with the graphics taking a dive in frame rate after about 10-15 minutes (with high end games). Half Life and the like run fine, but the more advanced, newer games just don't even hold up. I bought the following 2 years ago:

P4 1.7GHz
ASUS P4T (BIOS 1004)
256MB RDR PC800
80GB 7200RPM

Since then, I have recently upgraded to the following:

768MB RDR PC800 (added 512)
XFX Geforce4 Ti4200 8xAGP 128MB DDR

I thought those would fix the problem, but I still get the same thing. I think I have it narrowed down to either the CPU or the motherboard. I have good reason to believe it might be the CPU because of the ridiculous temperatures it runs at idle (50C) and it goes up when I game (perhaps in direct relation to the gradually decreasing framerate). However, someone told me there was a particular motherboard out there that just didn't like to run games. Hopefully it's the former, as I would much rather upgrade my standard intel HSF than get a whole new mobo/proc/(and perhaps ram) package.

I really need to fix this. I bought this rig primarily for doing work, but have since wanted to make it into a gaming machine. Unfortunately everyone with lesser systems pass me up. Please help me fix this problem. Any help is appreciated.

I would try upgrading the HSF first, also, upgrade the drivers for like every piece of hardware on your system. That temp is prett bad, so it could be a factor. I would consider buying another 256 mb of ram as well.
why does he need more ram. He already has 768mb of rdr pc800. That is more than enough for gaming.
lol, i need to read the posts further.. missed that upgrade
That TNT2 card of yours doesn't function too well with newer games, as bugs can break out in games such as Giants, but you should really upgrade that if you want to play more of today's titles.

And BTW, whenever the P4's overheat, they usually exhibit a 'slow-down' effect by throttling its clock speed until a safe temperature is reached, and generally will regain its speed once things are nice and cool - as noted above, you would need better cooling.
@Ecniv: so does GeForce!

Thanks for the responses guys! Do you have any cooling suggestions that are relatively inexpensive and can keep my temp pretty low?

The only thing I can say is to get a new computer. I run Unreal Tournament 2003 on my specs (see bottom) just fine. Hmmmm..... I will email you with more in a bit.
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