3D card (?) problem

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hiya. I'm kinda having an annoying problem.
I think it started when I bought a GeForce II card (8 months ago, or such). whenever I start a game that have alot of graphics in it, or even watching randomly flashes on the net, a blue screen pops saying 'blah blah blah VXD Cache #########' and closes the application. it is very annoying cause I can't play anything this way...
the reason I started this thread in the Hardware section is becuase formating c:\ many times wasn't helpful. I've tried downloading the driver (for updationg) from NVidia site but is always corrupted (though before few months I managed to reinstall an updated driver and it didn't help).
I wander if it is the 3D card problem.. tell me something if you can, any help would be appreciated.

my computer compoments:
Intel P-III 666MHZ
NVidia GeForce II 64MG
256 Memory Card
Windows 98 SE Enabled
HP Scanjet 4400C
48X DVD-Rom
AOpen X12 Burner
58X Toshiba CD-Rom
20GB Hardisk
(the reason I wrote all of this is because I was told that I've to many devices interupting simple operations.. whathe..?!)

thanks for any given help!
:rolleyes: :( :rolleyes:
everytime you download the 40.72 detenator drivers they are corrupted? sounds like you got some hardware problems there bud. Try changing the vid card out. if you can.
"Try changing the vid card out. if you can." simplicy? I don't know what you mean bud..
if you can find another video card, put it in there and see if the drivers for THAT one work.

Best way to see if the video card is bad, take it out of YOUR computer, and put it in ANOTHER computer, then try to load the drivers. If the same thing happens, your video card is toast
I wander if anyone knows what VXD Cache blue screen refers to..
I can't install the driver. Meaning, when I press the exe file after downloading it can't be opened, saying it is 'corrupted'.
I've my previous Voodoo 3-3000 but it doesn't answer the requirements of the games I can't play (games to havey).
I can't remove the card from my computer and reatouch it on another one the check.. this option isn't optional..
any idea how I can check it elseway?
thanks alot.
Im very confused about that driver being corrupted when you download it, we are downloading from the same place and I have no problems, either something at your ISP or in your computer are causing that to happen, the VXD error is talking about the standard driver for the video card, something is wrong with teh card it seems. If you cant check it, your only option is to replace it
anyways, updating the driver won't work, as said before.
I guess I realized the VXD error is bout a video card, needed to be sure.
still have the warrenty, will give it to the company to check it..
hehe, finally I'll have a reason to buy a new computer!! yay!! hehe, 666MHZ is too diabolic for me, too many problems! :)
thanks alot €cniv, you are great.. ;)
VXD's are some of the core windows components. if you go start->run and type "msconfig", then click on any of the tabs, you will see a whole bunch of weird files. many of these are VXD's. hope that helps.
VXD's are files windows uses to control driver services, whenever you have a problem with one of those, it usually indicates a driver or hardware problem.
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