3.5 Floppy does not recogninze disk

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Appreciate some assistance from anyone who has seen this before.

Recently had some virus/improper setup issues on our small office network that would randomly prevent users from accessing the network server and the internet.

About the time we got that fixed, my 3.5 floppy stopped recognizing that there was a disk in the drive. Symptom: Insert disk, click on appropriate drive, error message saying "please insert disk into drive A". Its like the drive does not recognize there is a disk present. I cannabalized an older computer (mine is less than a year in service) installed the floppy drive from that one, same error. I can even boot the computer with a disk in the drive and not get the "non system disk, stike any key" error.

I checked the CMOS settings and they are appropriately set at 1.44 M, etc.

I have seen something on some sites about the registery getting messed up, but that is FM (Friggin' Magic) to my small accountanting brain.

Any suggestions?
Not open for further replies.