2nd set of eyes 10GBE


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I'm looking to buy these, but was hoping i could get you guys to look it over, and make sure i wasn't missing something:


I was just wanting to confirm these are 10 gigabit over ethernet, and don't need any of those silly sfp+ adapters or anything. The price is SOOOO low I just want to make sure i'm not blinded by it.

Planning on getting a pair and putting one in my nas and the other in my main rig on the other side of the house and connecting them via 100ft(30m) of cat6a.


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I'm running windows 10 pro on the main machine, and 10 enterprise on the nas. So no, not server OS. Is it safe to assume server drivers aren't compatible with standard windows 10, or is it one of those 'only way to know is try' types of situations?


I think that if the drivers supported Win 10 Pro then they would have listed that OS as supported. Maybe you could try asking Dell support that question.

It may very well be a 'only way to know is try' type of situation. It could be that the reason why Win 10 Pro isn't listed as supported is because they never bothered to test with that OS.