2gbhosting.com: 80% discount on domain name with extension .in


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The popular and leading web hosting company, 2gbhosting.com currently have a special promotional code running which allows you to get 80% FLAT discount on domain name with extension .in like www.youname.in earlier it was costing $15 and ONLY for $3 NO conditions apply.

Take advantage of this offer, it is only available until January 29th 2010
– simply enter the word ‘dotIN' when you go to checkout on 2gbhosting.com,
it is very easy to do and means Huge savings!

Although prices are in dollars don't be put off if you are in another
region as they we operate globally, we are in the UK, USA and India. We
accept major payment methods such as credit cards, paypal, check and even
cash so it is easy to pay.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on the following e-mail id - (manager) at (2gbhosting.com)

Call 24 Hrs Toll Free number USA: +1-888-959-HOST
Other Phone Numbers:
Asia Pacific: 0141 2601319, 2600647
USA: 989-726-4199
UK : 020 3286 7899


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Rightnow we are having the promotion for .in domain you can check other extensions also available at cheap prices.

Also we are offer the dedicated servers starting from $69 per month