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I'm about to buy a laptop for internet use, scanning, printing, and webcam use. What is the difference in performance of 2GB and 4GB for these functions and others?
Also, will I need to buy a docking station, port replicator or expansion base, and for these functions, what would be the least expensive?Steve1s2s3s
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For your purposes you would not need anymore than 2GB of RAM.

Most, if not, all laptops today, come with enough ports so that you do not need a docking station or port replicator.
For what you want, 2Gb should be fine. You'd only need more if you were running more intensive programs (e.g. photoshop)

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2Gb is enough for day to day usage. I used to use Photoshop CS2 on my Dell (2GB DDR2), but I didn't have 10 pictures up at the same time.
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