2500+ Overclocking


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Hi all,

I'm trying to overclock a 2500+ Barton to 3200+ specs on an ABIT NF7-S (vers 2.0) MB but to no avail.

I'm using a Zalman Copper Flower Cooler and have managed to up the processor to 1980 Mhz (180*11). @ 1.7V and the temp. is 50 C idle.

Can anyone recommend a good , quiet CPU cooler?

The CPU is locked as I can't lower the multiplier. How can I get this puppy to clock higher and is it worth it?

I heard the mobile version of these CPUs are unlocked but do they not perform worse than the Bartons?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

I'm using Crucial 3CL 1GB PC3200 RAM


Just change the FSB, thats what i did :D and as for your cooler, dude you must have not surfaced it correctly or put some thermal compount on that baby! As for the mobiles, they just use less power so they can be overclocked more, but lack perfomace :( - As for a cooler pick up a akasa carnival for cheap as i did and get some antec silver 5 or use the AK-450 which comes with the cooler!


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yep airiox is right,. i have that exact cpu cooler. and it's freaking sick. makes absolutely no noise at all. the cpu cooler is huge. i mean this is freaking huge. it's the size of a softball.
only problem i had with this cooler was installation. the directions that came with the cooler didn't comply with my motherboard. so i had to experiment and see what to do. also, if certain BIOS hav fan speed detection and since the fan on this cooler runs really slowly, ur comp might not boot. all u have to do is go into bios and disable fan detection.

all in all, this is a kickass fan. unbelievable.


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oh yea and for ocing ur cpu. There is this thing called GOlden Fingers. try looking it up on Google as i have never used it before, so have only a limited amount of knowledge on the subject.