24" widescreen LCD running on ATI Radeon 9600?


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I'm planning to replace my old CRT monitor with Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP 24" 1920:1200@60Hz. The problem is my VGA Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9600 (lite edition) overclocked on 356/222 MHz. Display with WUXGA resolution; VGA Pixel Fillrate 1300mil pixels/s and Peak Bandwidth 6.4 GB/s.
PC configuration: AMD A64 3200+; MB MSI K8N Neo2 AGP8x; 2xKingston HyperX 512MB.
Is my VGA too slow for this LCD?
If I have to buy better VGA, is it wise to buy another AGP VGA, now when PCI-ex is benchmark?
What influence will Win Vista have on prices of VGA, as Vista came with lot of changes in graphics? Can we expect some reduction in prices?
Any suggestion about which ATI graphic card (AGP or PCIe) should I purchase, up to 150$? Also, any suggestion about MB, up to 200$.

Thank you.


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Can someone please propose some not so expensive MB with PCI-e, DDRs and s939.
About DDR, where is the limit of DDR? I mean, regarding MBs, when DDR2 is needed (like, I need DDR2 for Core 2 Duo...).
About MBs, what are main differences between s939 and sAM2 MBs? For example, CPU A64 X2 4200+ comes in both versions, and s939 is more expensive.


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I think it would be fine, depending on what you do with your computer. If its just internet, email, etc. the card should be fine. But, if you start playing games, the bigger screen will slow things down.

As for a pci e video card for under 150, i would say a 7600 gt. I personally have one and its great and can play most games pretty well. (Sorry, dont have any ati suggestions)

Also, for the ddr2 thing when you say you need ddr2 for a core 2 duo, you dont because I have a mobo that has both ddr and ddr2 and im using ddr with a core 2 duo.


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am2 motehrboards are not expensive with a dual core AMD :D With Something In the 4000+'s am2's are ddr2 compadable an there faster then ddr obviously

but if u want intel i cant really suggest anything im not a fan of it