20 channels on my tv

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yea.......u can see if ur neighbour happens to have a loose cable sticking out of the house, then you can extend it, and attack it to ur tv, haha.
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i don't want to pay for better service cause that will cost way to much.
If ya don't wanna pay more then there's nothing you can do that's short of illegal modifications.

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now a days they can tell who is stealing cable.... With the advent of precise multimeters and computer enhancements.... They can tell you has what... and what they are SUPPOSED to have and what they ARE NOT SUPPOSED to have.

It has something to do with the amount of dB and voltages running thru the coax. And whenever they are up your local line and they do a quick test.... watch out...

And there is no way to pirate digital cable. All of those cable boxes are tracked by their MAC address. Unless I am unaware of a way to spoof a MAC on a cable box.
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