2 windows xp on same partition?!?!??!?!


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how do i delete one windows xp. when my computer boots it asks me to choose from two windows xp installations.

the bottom one is corrupted and does not work, but the top one works perfectly i just installed in yesterday. how do i make it so i just have one windows xp installation to boot into?? how do i delete the other corrupted windows xp installation????

I do not want to format and delete everything i have 35 gigs worth of movies that i cant download again, it would take a billion years.

EDIT: i dont usually make so many posts, its just an emergancy. I was so close in loosing all my 35 gigs worth of movies yesterday just cause of one corrupt windows xp file.


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I am guessing you just went to reformat? I had the same problem. After 20 seconds or so it just loads the good one. I hate to say I forget how I got rid of one..but I did get this advice on this forum. Try a search and I will see if I can track it down. But it is on here. give me a little bit. i also know there is a way to get rid of that boot up screen, but does nothing for to OS on your pc.


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what you need to do is figure out which os in the Boot.ini file is the corrupted one and follow the steps in this link to edit the file so it will be removed from the list:

Basically what you would do is find the os line and delete it from the list.


Here's another link where there are 2 ways to remove one XP installation and work from the other:

Good luck