2 questions from noob


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i have an hp computer and my music on the comp runs really slow then normal and then slow... what is the cause. i have 1 gb ram and it has alot of space and little ram used for other applications.. what could be the issue...

and i purchased a wireless n router and a pci n card as well.. and i still get crappy signal.. and when i installed the pci card, windows said it could not recognize it logo or somin like that........

i am a noob hardcore... need help...


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the music thing sounds wierd. does it happen for all your songs? could be a driver issue. try and install the latest driver.
as for the router issue you may need a driver for the pci card aswell. right click my computer, go to properties, then hardware, then device manager. look for a yellow ? or your pci card from the list and try to update the driver. the crap signal could be for several reasons. i get rubbish signal in some places. its due to my crap router and my house having the layout it has. other things can cause interference though


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if the only the music is slow, then you need to defrag. If the whole comp is slow too, then you have spyware.

As for the wireless, are you taking about during installation (of the software) it says that, or what? becuase if that is during the sofware installation, click continue anyways.