2 OS on one hd

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i have a 40 g WD hard drive..i decided to partition the hard drive useing fdisk..etc..
i installed windows xp on the c : and windows 98 se on the e:

how can i get to choose between which OS to boot first...

i installed BOOT MAGIC on my C: but does nto seem to detect.. xp nor 98.. only NT...??????' any help pls...????????
You should have installed 98 first and then XP. Then it would have given you an option to chose which one to boot from.
hi there

you mean i ought to format my hard drive again, the two partitions, install windows 98 on the c: then install BOOT MAGIC in c: then go ahead and install XP on the e : partition??????
can we start from the start..
i partition and install win 98 ? on c:
i then install boot magic
i then i install XP on e:

will boot magic then see the 2 OS ´S ??
Just a note, many boot loaders will recognize XP as NT as that is the kernal it was initially built on. Built on the 95 kernal is: 95, 98, 98 SE, and ME. On the more stable NT kernal they built: NT all versions, 2000, and both XPs. Boot loaders that aren't designed to "see" windows XP will likely call it NT. You can usually rename it (I've never used boot magic...I'm not entirely sure how it works)
Here's what i did....
I installed Win98
then installed parition magic
then installed XP
although i have Boot Magic,i believe it didnt help.

heres what i would have done in your case.
format and partition
install win98
then install XP on the separate partition
the master boot would have detected you have two OS's
and have given you the option which one to use
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