2 hard drives


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Here is my problem. I have a new computer. It was built for me by one of my friends. My old hard drive is sitting on my shelf and it has about 300-400 pictures that I want in it. When I hook up the old hard drive to my new computer, I can only enter safe mode. It stops it's start-up half way through... So I tried going through step by step and Windows 98 loads, but I just get my desktop with a window that says: The disc might be scratched or dirty, please eject the disc, clean it or insert a new windows 98 start-up disc.
It won't let me do anything else....
In safe mode, I can copy the files but I only had a cd drive (no burner) and a floppy drive. It won't create any drivers in safe mode to burn my pictures... so I have to copy them to a floppy disc. And you know how long that would take....
Any suggestions? Comments? Constructive critisism?
Is there a way to connect both hard drives at the same time?
Any help would be appreciated.


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Make sure you have the master/slave jumpers set correctly, the cable is in both drives tightly, and all settings are correct in the bios. If it auto detected the drive, try manually entering it. The settings are usally on the top of the drive...


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The jumpers arelike little pins with a plastic thing connecting them it shpuld say what is what on the HDD itself


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What you can do to easily correct this is get a Millenium boot-up disk and have a normal boot. Once the A:> appears write c: and then press enter, you will then have access to your c drive c:> Now write dir/w/p and check that this is your new drive. A quick check of the size will do; unless both are the same size!
If it is not then you will have to access you BIOS and change the disk priority so windows will boot on your new disk and not try to boot on the old one. By default many BIOS assumes that when you add another hard disk, it will be your primary disk. Once this done, you should boot normally and have access to your files on your second hard disk. To prevent this from happening, I would suggest you delete the windows directory on this disk since it is useless on your new system and setup.