2 graphic cards - Simple Question; Please Help!


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I'm currently running



HD Radeon HD 5770

My question is, I want to upgrade to a second video card. SO i'll be using two graphics cards. What card is acceptable to use, how can I tell so I don't need to come to a forum for future reference?

Also, my HD 5770 came with a strip of flat wiring and two connectors, do I use that strip to connect the two cards together or just click into the MOBO?

My budget is 100 ~ 200$

Thanks for all of the help, I really appreciate this forum and everything they do. I used this forum a year ago for help when building my original PC, so thank you.


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you can use any 5770 as the second card. it is the same chip. some manufacturer upgrade those cards with some extra VRAM. so if you buy a version with more VRAM then the one you already have, it is just gonna deactivate that extra RAM so both cards is having same among of VRAM.

what i think you are talking about by saying "flat wiring" is that crossfire connectors. you need a crossfire bridge to connect the two cards. if you build the computer you self then you properly have a crossfire bridge laying in the box where your motherboard was.