2.4 ghz, but at what cost?

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OK first off sorry this isn't about CPUs, I'm currently trying too decide whether or not to buy a joystick, in particular Logitech's Cordless Freedom 2.4GHz Joystick, and was wondering if anybody knew what kind of battery life the thing gets, I mean it takes 3 AA batteries and in Canada those can get pretty expensive 'eh, so I was wondering if any of you guys, or gals, out there have one and how it performs, thanks in advance for your help.
I wouldn't bother...
But just as an aside... have you ever used the "Pure Energy" rechargable batteries? They are a Canadian product. The batteries themselves can be bought seperately and come initially completely charged. The battery and charger are not overly exspensive either. They do not create a "memory cell" you can use them for two hours or 20... charge them and they will have the same power available. and they store very well. some of my batteries I have had for 3 years and they still work very well. They have AA and AAA sizes.
I own some wireless devices and I know that some can drain batteries faster than a dog pissing off a cliff can drown (dunno where that came from). It's fast anyways. Just read some reviews, that should help you decide quicker.
don't bother getting a cordless joystick. What happens when you're in the middle of a tournament and the batteries go dead. That is the same reason i don't have a cordless keyboard or mouse cuz i participate in a lot of tournaments and don't want to lose because of dead batteries.
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