2.4 = 1.8???

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I have a question my P4 that I recently bought. It supposed to be a 2.4G but on startup and in win xp pro it shows up as 1.8G. Now i took it back once already and got a new one but this one does it too. Do all p4's do this or did I just get really unlucky? My other idea was that it was a mohterboard problem. I bought the ecs p4vxasd2+ mainboard cause it was packaged w/ it.
Check the clock setting in the BIOS. It is probably not detecting the speed automatically. Also, try doing all the windows Updates that are available.
Looks like your FSB was default set at 100 MHz (100*18); 2.4 GHz requires 133*18 on the B step model (w/ 533 MHz FSB).

As pointed above, check the clock settings in the BIOS and make sure that the speed is set correctly. If 2400 is not available, be sure to get a BIOS update.
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