1st time computer building


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hey everybody im 15 and im new to the forums. I have some computer knowledge and if i had all the parts i could build my own. which is my plan. ive done alot of work on the xbox hardware which is made by microsoft game studios. an xbox is build almost exactly like a computer so thats where my interest started. than i moved onto studying computers and the technology and hardware. and got the idea that i wanted to build my own computer. i ran into a problem tho, im 15, i got $200, and no job or income...the $200 was saved...im looking at building a computer for around hopefully 6 or $700...can i get some parts recommendations? i want this thing to be able to run fast and have a kickarse graphix card for gaming. also, list a cheap sound card because im not looking for anything special there as long as i got sound. and also im not looking for any speaker/monitor/keyboard/mouse recommendations because i already got that stuff from this current computer.

thank you for your time



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AMD Athlon 64 3200+
ABIT Fatal1ty
512MB Dual Channel
160GB Hard disk OR 74G WD 10,000RPM
Geforce 6800 GT Ultra OR ATI Radeon X600 to X850 series


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yeah that's a good setup above and yo ucan easily upgrade to more ram when that allowance piles up haha. Make sure your board can overclock. And you'll need to buy an OS that costs..but good luck.

Try customizing what you want on newegg post it and then all of us will give you suggestions