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Help....WinXp pro. detects my firewire card as a net adapter.
Can not do anything to connect my Sony Cam.

I would try going into the System applet and deleting the reference to the card and then shutting down the PC,,

then I would reboot the machine and go throught the ADD HARDWARE WIZARD in XP and manually identify the card for what it is,,

use the have disk, and run the driver,, (look for the updated version on the web)

see what happens,,,

some times plug and play is still plug and pray,,

Thanks Crash but XP configures the card automatically as a net adapter on restart

MSI K7N2G ils
Athalon XP2800
1 gig PC2700 DDR
Radeon 9700
DVD 16x
CDR 48x
60 gb Quantum Fireball
25 gb Fujitsu
XP Pro

Just wondering if there was any software that comes with the Firewire,, have you run the software and then run an Update with the card?

plus, what kind of card are we talking about here, chip and make,,

further , do you have an onboard nic ? and that operates fine,,

more, do you have your camera plugged into the card and on while you install the card,, it should recognize it as a scanner or digital device??

sounds a good challenge
Hi Crash
I am using the MSI bracket that came with the Motherboard but have also tried an Avance Logic (Realtek chip) as follows (ALN8801 (IEEE 1394A 100/200/400Mbit/s 3port cable transceiver/arbiter [PHY]) niether have any software.
Yes I have an onbord nic that works fine.
No matter what I try XP will not reconise anything is attached.
Cam is Sony TVR110e
Thanks for your help
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