1366 X 768, 16:9, and a dual screen setup.


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I'm looking into buying an HDTV, and for my price range, x < ~500-600, I wanted to get a 32in set. At points I'm going to want to use the tv as a dual screen setup with my computer.

I've noticed that nearly all 32in 720p TV screens are in a resolution of 1366 X 768. I've done a little research and found that this is technically a 16:9 aspect ratio after the TV cheats a little bit.

My concern in buying a 1366 X 768 TV is when I set up my brother and his TV/computer setup that when the computer was the main screen, the TV would have a "scrolling" effect so you had to scroll to see the entire screen, only about an inch or so off.

I'm not sure if this is because his computer was a lame COSTCO build or whether his resolution, which was a true 16:9 had anything to do with it.

So if I hook up my laptop with a resolution of 1280 X 800 will it scroll with a TV running 1366 X 768?


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I am not sure why it would be scrolling but did your TV had a vga connection? May be you just need to go into graphics control panel and set the mode to clone and not dual view?....not sure if I am following your problem. I am currently using a 40" samsung with 1360x768 res and I have hooked up my laptop several times and I never had any problems with it.


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i've got my 50 inch tv hooked up at 1360x768 res and i havent had any problems and gaming looks amazing on it. Paid only $800 for the TV but newegg as jacked up the price since then: Link. I saved a bunch of money not going for 1080P also saved alot of money not having to buy a bad ass card to play at 1080P. I just set AA and AF to 8x, turn on transparent Aliasing and damn man the shit looks good.

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So what you need to do is skip the 32 inch man. xD... Go right for the 50