128MB vs 256MB - is there a difference

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My question: 1. is there a performance difference in 128MB and 256MB cards? There are other questions, but I'll ask them later in this post.

Some benchmarks would be very helpful in this thread.

I know that cards with extra memory (256MB, 512MB, 500,000GB in 2020, etc.) can access texures very quickly, a-la-doom 3 and its "recommended" settings, which include: Normal, for 128MB cards, High, 256MB, and Ultra, 512MB.

I have tested my Nvidia 5900 (AGP) 128MB card on high and ultra @ 1024x768. It can run Doom 3 with these settings, but it still looks like crap (High performance mode & no AA/AF). It also stutters like satan himself is urinating on my video card.

2. If I were to use a higher MB card, would the stuttering go away, or improve?

As technology rolls onward, so do the speed of video cards. 3.Considering my 5900 stutters a lot in High and Ultra modes in Doom 3, would a faster 128MB card, like a 6800GT, or a fast ATI (Are any of the ATI X800's 128MB?) get rid of the stuttering, and would the improvment be as good as a 256MB card?

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I'll search for benchmarks, but a 128mb card that is of better quality will always trump a 256 last generation card.


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agreed. In todays games 128mb is enough. E.G if u compare a 6600 with 256mb to a 6600GT with 128mb the GT will whoop the standard.

I read sumwhere about the 512mb 6800Ultra vs the 256mb and in alot of tests the 256mb was better.


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Well you just cant go comparing memory

The reason why the 6600GT wins is it's pipelines, and core speed
i was wondering the same thing when i was purchasing my GF4 Ti - whether to get a 64Mb or 128Mb version. i think it was like 3 years ago. Luckily I got the 128mb version, even though the performance difference was quite insignificant at the time. Nowadays I can still use the card (im getting a new one "soon") and even reasonable-resolutioned textures.
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