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So my 120mm fan got screwed up and I guess it just wore out (pretty damn cheap of the company if you ask me) because the part holding the fan on making it spin wore down and now it clicks all the time. So, since I was here downstate, I decided to get a new fan (because the company won't replace it unless I send them my WHOLE case). I found a great 120mm ball bearing fan for my side panel on my case. Upon inspection of it, I realized it had a cable to plug into the motherboard. It came with another cable that'll hook to the motherboard connector on the fan so that it will be able to hook to my power supply too if I don't want to plug it into the motherboard. My question is what would be the advantage of plugging it into the motherboard, rather than having a connection to the power supply? I can do either, but would the motherboard connection give me some advantages that my old fan did not have?
er... then what's the point of the motherboard connection? Why wouldn't it just plug into the power supply?
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if you plug into the mobo you get a record of what the fan speed is and can set an alarm to go off if it stops
yea, you need to plug into psu, but motherboard plug sends data, and some i think might be able to control fan.
I think I'm going to plug it into the motherboard then and see what options I have. If I do not like it, I can always plug it into the power supply... although, it would be pretty cool if I could get an automatic sensor on the motherboard telling it to speed up when things are hot.
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