1 KVM , 2 computers, 3 monitors.. & 1 set of ext. speakers?


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I'm looking @ getting a KVM switch.
Currently I have 3 monitors ( no built in speakers ) and 2 PC's.
Right now I have my external speakers ( Logitech ) hooked up to 1 PC.

I'd like to get a KVM switch so I can switch between both computers and all 3 monitors.
But what do I do about my audio since I only have 1 set of external speakers?

Some of the KVM switches I've looked at have a multiple audio out jacks in the back next to the computer port. But I only have 1 set of speakers?

Do I need to get a 2nd set of speakers? Or is it possible to have this 1 set of external speakers work when switching between both computers?

I did find this audio jack splitter.
Would this be appropriate to split the audio cable between both KVM ports?



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the 4 speaker/mic ports on the right are inputs from the PCs. The pair on the left are outputs to your speakers.

Looks like the one you have pictured supports 2 monitors, not 3.

Something like this would work probably. Pretty expensive IMO