Ã…nubis' Quiz #17

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666 = The Number of The Beast in The Book of Revalations
24 = Hours In A Day
3 = Books In The Lord Of The Rings
3 = Strikes and your out!
4 = Horsemen Of The Acropolits (sp?)
12 = Apostles at the Last Supper
12 = Signs of The Zodiac
30 = Peices of Silver to Judas
50 = Ways to Leave your Lover
20000=L. U. the S.
20000 Leagues Under the Sea

3=S. and Y're O.
3 Strikes and You're Out

4=I's in M.
4 I's in Mississippi

1440=M. in a D.
1440 Minutes in a Day
You do know Anubis...

Once this is done.... you are gonna HAVE to post the answers.... this is freaking me out!!! :D:D
Not open for further replies.
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