£400 Laptop Slow Crap :(??


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Someone originally said it would run rocket League easily it also has a graphics card too not a good one but surely it can run rocket League THIS LAPTOP cost £400 and I bought it for bloody rocket league this is stupid pure stupid

I have tried uninstalling ALL drivers and reinstall with DDU

I haven't formatted PC But I'm now stupid I don't have viruses so why the ??? See my specs below in link

hello so i am think of getting a new laptop because my laptop is trash literally . i want to try to sell it just for that tiny bit of cash its not worth a pice of popcorn fallen on the floor tho lol idk how much i cant find 1 for second hand of the same model and specs so idk?

thing is i thought it would of been able to play games it has apparently a amd r5 graphics card so surely ?

the laptop is called
HP 15-g094sa

here is laptop specs full


i want to find a laptop ive only got £300 depends on how much laptop can go but lets say that for now ok befoure you say this xD ( you cant get a laptop what is for gaming for that price you have to spend at least £900) right look i dont care on the specs i dont care about screen res i dont really care about anything LOL look i only want to run these games listed below not at maxed out at all literally like not lowest either so maybe like 720p medium or low if that has to be here are games



there the 2 games i want > to defiantly run well

ok heres some games what i really like but i know that i need a powerful laptop but like if so

the division

gta v

sniper elite 3

now as i said i dont need to MAX games out i just want to run even if its 40fps idc i just want somthing to take to my friends thats all so i only spenind £300 okk no matter what it looks like or specs i literally want a laptop what can run just those games on like idk 720p low if thats the case

so please can you recommend any ANYY laptops what can run them games even if it cant run the bottom ones on low i only want to run top ones if thats the case AANY laptops for my price what can run them please ? i mean there must be one but i cant tell on laptops i only know desktop stuff and i mean my laptop cant even run on lowest on 800p xD so yeah it runs at 16 fps so if thats Nearly Just Nearly gets to 30fps there must be one please help me =(

and also if u dont mind for people who know there stuff how much can i sell them specs for ?

(also im from uk so please look for me on uk or just name the laptop im searching ebay for gaming laptops so hard to tell tho =(
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