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    Advice for getting an IT job at 16?

    I turned 16 a while back and now that I have a car and with college approaching I realize I need to get a job over the summer. I love computers and know a lot about how they work and practical solutions for problems. To expand my knowledge base on the matter I started reading a Comptia A+...
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    SSD vs 3 HDD's with RAID 5 configuration

    In my next gaming build I am trying to decide whether or not to use SSD or HDD for my hard drive. I understand all the differences between the two so that is not what I'm asking. Price will play a big role. I think right now a SSD is like $1.00/GB whereas HDD is $0.10/GB? If so wouldn't it make...
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    Downsides of Overclocking?

    From what I can see on tigerdirect and newegg at least and just people talking about the subject, it's sounding like the only risk of over clocking is just overheating. Is this the only downside? So in theory, assuming the cpu is cooled 100% to its needs, I'd have nothing to worry about, in...
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    Are these system voltages good?

    The purple wire leading to the motherboard read to 5.00V mark exactly (I'm not using a multimeter with digital display, so it might be off by .01 or so) when the both turned off and on. The green wire read 4.40V (with the computer turned off) and it read ~.050V (with the computer on). The gray...
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    What specs to look for in a PSU?

    I need to replace my current PSU since the voltages have gone bad. I know I need 1000w so I just need to know what else to look for. I have been told to get a certified 80+ one but now I'm hearing about looking for something about voltage efficiency or something, I don't know. Anyways just tell...
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    What are some of the best gaming ethernet network adapter cards?

    I have to get a new RJ45 ethernet network adapter card for my computer. I usually game on it, and want to take advantage of my 25Mbps isp and cat 6 ethernet. I don't know if these cards are something you really even need because they're not really specified on computer store sites. But even if...
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    Computer isn't Detecting Wired Network

    My house got struck by lightning, which you can read about here: and when I booted the computer up, everything ran fine, but it's not connecting to the internet, or even detecting...
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    Could I use my old PC's Case for a New Build?

    So my system got fried from a lightning strike that hit my house. Luckily, insurance is covering it. Im just going to build a new system. I will make it very high performance (like $800-$900) but could I use my old pc's case, optimally? Asides from holding the whole thing together and encasing...
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    How to tell if your computer has had electrical damage?

    At 6:00 am today I was woken up to what I thought was a cannon being blasted off right in front of my window. I went into the other room and my TV was smoking o.O Luckily it was a very old one and wasn't plugged into a surge suppressor, so that's what happens. I'm assuming my house was struck by...
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    CPU Fan Problem

    I just noticed this today, and I've never seen it do this: My fan (I'm pretty sure it's my CPU fan otherwise it's my PSU's) keeps going up and down in speed when it needs to go faster, instead of going up at a gradual and smooth increase. I really don't know whats wrong, but if I had to take a...
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    Anything to consider before reimaging my computer?

    I got a 500GB external harddrive and i know how to reimage but does anyone have any tips or know any programs that will help me sort out all the stuff i want to back up? Better yet, if you could provide any links to an online guide or something that would be great!
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    Tech Guide

    Im 15 and just got done taking a comp sci class at school. Sadly my teacher is terrible because this was his first year and we were supposed to get through the whole book and we didnt even get half. I aced the class but i still want to know more about computers. We were using the comptia A+...
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    Re-imaging my computer

    I've had this computer for like a year now so i figure i might as well re-image it. I know how to re-image my pc but i dont know the good way to do it. What specifically do i need? I think the answer is obviously an external harddrive (just checking if theres anything else) but what external...
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    Best surge supressors for the buck

    I need a cheap reliable surge supressor for my computer. I wouldnt mind a UPS built into it but idk if that will cost too much. I need like a 1000j minimum with a UL rating so i know its good. I tried looking and was confused. Any recommendations? And the built in UPS isnt vital if things start...
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    What else can i upgrade?

    I want to upgrade/add some hardware to my PC to make it better optimized for gaming. I have an ASUS CM5570 (see link for specs) with a 600w PSU and Radeon 5770 i added like 6 months ago. This helped big time because my PC sucks for gaming. Christmas is coming and i want to upgrade something...
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    Logon Issue

    Whenever I try to logon to my laptop after entering my password an error message comes up saying: The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. Does anyone know what the problem is? i have windows 7
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