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  1. Sallymilr

    Excellent Poker Game!!

    Mine best one was 8892 after 10 hours of playing. It was tough enough, but as I see, guys here reached more than 80000 points. How much time did you spend on it? Something about eternity? The only game I can play so long is Dota (but I suck here too). For me, that poker game reminds sports...
  2. Sallymilr

    Problems retrieving emails

    I had this with a working Gmail address. I received a lot of emails for work and also encountered spam. It really annoyed me because my messages folder was full of unnecessary ads, and I missed important emails and had a lot of problems. Changing the address didn't help me. For a while, when you...
  3. Sallymilr

    Bitcoins?? and cryptocurrency....?

    I believe we should actually invest in other cryptocurrencies that have recently seen significant increases in valuation and are now trading at high volumes. Bitcoin has now established itself as a currency whose value will not depreciate, but will still increase.It was this important...
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