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  1. Half Evil

    Anyone left?

    Just seeing if there is anyone from the ole days left! Been a while since my last log in lol.
  2. Half Evil

    What is this hovering window?

    I get this whenever I have two windows open and transfere folders from C drive to D drive. I dont know why, and it never goes away until I restart the computer. Uploaded with
  3. Half Evil

    Dual screen linux

    I have a nasty virus I cant kick on Windows 7 so I am just going to move to linux. I have an ATI HD5750, what distro will support this card and drivers for dual screens?
  4. Half Evil

    In the market for a new or another graphics card

    Currently have a XFX Radeon Hd 5750 card. It has always worked great but I dont do alot of gaming. My biggest gripe was that I cant use the output on my two monitors and then use the HDMI out on the TV but I cant do that. I recently got Fable III and just installed it to play and it plays a...
  5. Half Evil

    Need a long range wifi antenna

    I need a new long range antenna so I can turn my router into an access point. A miles range antenna would be dandy. My parents run on a repeater type system and theirs was like 400 dollars and they are using it at a range of 6 or 7 miles. That's way overkill for what I need and I don't want to...
  6. Half Evil

    Dual screen computer desks

    Having a hard time finding exactly what I like, so I guess I would like to see what you guys like and maybe ill see something along the way. dont want to spend more then a few hundred on it. I spend less than 100 on my current one and its been great for several years. I could rebuy but it is...
  7. Half Evil

    Post count

    I cant believe I still rock the 2nd highest post count here. Awesome :D
  8. Half Evil

    Torrent downloader

    Is there a site out there that will download a torrent for you, and then you download it off that site? I think my Router is too old to handle torrents, every time I do it needs to get reset lol... I wanna say had this feature before, but not anymore?
  9. Half Evil

    Internet Kill Switch Stumbled across some of this stuff today.... interesting
  10. Half Evil

    Counter STrike: Source

    Does anyone play this game anymore? is it worth redownloading and playing or whats the new FPS, and not COD MW2.... I have that on ps3.
  11. Half Evil

    Help me POST

    Ok, this is really starting to suck, I have a Gigabte 870A-UD3 motherboard, Kingston Hyper X 2x2 DDr3 1333 memory, and an XFX Radeon HD 5750 all powered by a Corsair 750W PSU. I have also tried two Am3 processors with this motherboard. An Athlon x2 240 and a Phenom x4 956 Its all assembled...
  12. Half Evil

    No motherboard beeps.....

    OK,this is getting irritating. So, right now I have a ASUS M4A79XTD EVO AM3 AMD 790X ATX AMD AMD Athlon II X2 240 Regor 2.8GHz Socket AM3 65W Dual-Core Processor Model ADX240OCK23GQ - OEM EVGA 7600GT KO video card Kingston Hyper X 4 gigs DDR3 1333 Then just a dvd drive and some samsung...
  13. Half Evil

    New build powers on, nothing on display

    Phenom II x4 965 Asus M4A79XTD EVO Samsung F3's, 500GB and 1TB 4 gigs of Kingstong ddr3 1300 hyperX 7600GT KO Sound Blaster X-FI Corsair 750W PSU DVD drive, wifi card... I have it all hooked up, I can plug it in turn it on and I get all my correct lights, noises happen, fans turn but nothing...
  14. Half Evil

    Motherboard issues

    So I installed the CPU in the socket and the heatsink on top of that and realize this is only an AM2+ socket and I want Stictly Am3. But the heatsink is locked on top of the CPU. So I unlock it and its stuck on. How do I take it off with out hurting it? Also, looking for a good midrange board...
  15. Half Evil

    Memory questions

    Is there much of a difference between PC3 10660, and PC3 10666? Could someone explain to me the literal difference anyways I dont even know what those numbers mean? Basically I want the Hyper X here: But the ECO is rated a...
  16. Half Evil

    Sata 6.0 Gbps

    How much worth are these over 3.0GBPS?
  17. Half Evil

    AMD Build in progress

    Just bought this. I needed to start the build, so I focus on building this. I always seem to buy random shit that takes away from the big picture. Now I cant. I have to finish this. boughtAMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz - $183...
  18. Half Evil

    Which Athlon 965?

    Two options. Only difference I see is power consumption? I dont understand. Basically I cant afford the computer all at once because I am terrible at saving money if I dont have a desired goal. So, I need to start myself on this computer build and I am going to start with the processor...
  19. Half Evil

    What should I do about speakers here..........

    Well, I am headed to my brothers for a few days. We're COD nerds. I am barely getting started on it and not ranked high and such with less then a few days worth play time on MW2. He has almost two weeks on the game and is really good. Anyways, when I go over to his house, about 3 hours away, I...
  20. Half Evil

    AMD Build - Verify

  21. Half Evil

    Wanna see my new truck?

    Well, I got a rolled over 1988 Fullsize K5 Blazer I am rebuilding/lifting/wheeling. If anyone wants to see it, I can post a partial build. Right now sitting at about 8 inches of lift on 38s.
  22. Half Evil

    Wow... the Modern Day. "Neo modern, ultra-liberal assholes"

    Check this out. Explicit Video. 18+ Disturbing Fair Warning Ignatius Piazza: Stop Screaming, Start Shooting… Now, both my parents were police officers. He is kind of a hard ***, and I guarantee once a gun was out and pointed...
  23. Half Evil

    Tattoos Anyone?

    Just got mine
  24. Half Evil

    I cant download torrents anymore

    Legal/not legal it doesnt matter. If its got anything to do with a torrent my internet has blocked it. Which is weird, because it just started today, literally. So I appealed it. Other then that, what else can I do? They shouldnt be able to legally stop me for using it for legit reasons.
  25. Half Evil

    Help a fellow jeeper Vote for HeavymetalXJ!!!
  26. Half Evil

    Need some advice quick on a laptop

    Thinking about getting this tomorrow at a local store. What do you guys think for 420 dollars
  27. Half Evil

    Atom vs. Athlon

    I am looking at two computers. Netbook (asus I think) 300 dollars Atom N450 1.66ghz 1gig of fram 160gig hdd 10.1'' screen Then there is an Acer notebook at wal with Athlon 64 1.6ghz 2 gig of ram 160gig hdd 350 dollars 15.6'' screen Now, for 50 dollars more should I get the larger...
  28. Half Evil

    Atom N450 vs. N280

    What is the one to have and what is newer? They both have the same clock speed at 1.66ghz. Whats faster and what will use less battery power?
  29. Half Evil


    I will start a computer build soon, and it will go through two stages. I want to bench mark my current computer, then when I get the main components done on the new set up, and then when I get it completed to exactly what I want. What program(s) are suggested?
  30. Half Evil

    How loud is too loud?

    I am looking into this case Love how the cooling is set up but wondering if those 24DBA ones will be too loud
  31. Half Evil

    AMD Phenom II X4 965 vs. Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650

    What do we think? No doubt the AMD is a great processor for cheap, but is it up to snuff with the Intel? Would the Intel be worth paying the extra price tag for?
  32. Half Evil

    New build, thinking of a server processor

    Well, what it comes down to is I really don't game. I have alot of stuff open at once, and it can stay open for weeks. It kills my current P4 (lol). I was going to go I7, but now that I am getting ready to buy some produce yet again I am having seconds thoughts about the direction to go. I am...
  33. Half Evil

    What would you do?

    So here are my options...... I can get a second video card (PCI) and use an HDMI/S video or DVI out to a small 19'' - 22'' LCD tv and put it next to my monitors, and use it strictly for videos, tv shows and movies. Or, I can buy a net book and just use can external hard drive and watch things...
  34. Half Evil

    2 Monitors + TV?

    This could very well be hardware or software related so it just can go here. I have a 7600GT KO, and am currently running dual DVI monitors. It also has an S Video out, now.... how can I use BOTH monitors and also have the TV hooked up. The TV will be for any movies/shows I have on my computer...
  35. Half Evil

    January 19, 2038

    Apparently someone I know thinks the internet is going to fail lol I didn't even google it. Im busy right now but I think it will make an interesting discussion. ....Go!
  36. Half Evil

    Four officers shot dead
  37. Half Evil

    Epic That is all.
  38. Half Evil

    Cant play a .avi movie

    Ive downloaded every codec I possibly know, unistealled them all and now trying k-lite and this is still not working. I start the video, get like 19 seconds of the start of it and it says in the media screen "codec error use windows media player" Its almost like its a part of the movie though...
  39. Half Evil

    Unix guys

    Hey anyone out there wanna help on some homework via msn or whatever chat messenger? I need help running commands, and this online unix basics and tutorials are a joke. I need help specifically pertaining to what I need, if anyone wants to help give it a shot :)
  40. Half Evil

    Fable 2 on PC

    So that never happened, right :confused:
  41. Half Evil

    TCH Hydra and Cygwin

    In my network security class I need to get this program to work but I am having a hard time using the linux command prompt in windows. Here is the hydra readme i am kind of sure I have it complied. How do I run this damn thing :mad:
  42. Half Evil

    Photoshop a tattoo

    I am going to get a scorpion tattoo but honestly I suck and drawning and no photoshop right now. Just be creative if you want because I don't totally know how I want it. I awant a mix of But without the big stupid gem body - I want the color scheme to be black to midnight blue. Go...
  43. Half Evil

    Ill show you all my newest project

    Well, after some fierce debating I decided to pull the trigger on this sucker for $300 dollars. Im not really in a position to spend that kind of money, but F it! 1983 Hard body nissan. 472k on the ODO! No word on either a replaced/rebuild engine. But it runs like a raped ape 6'' Body lift...
  44. Half Evil

    I've BSOD'd Win 7 four times now.

    Yup, not doing anything hardcore. Just trying to install my sound card. Its nothing special, its just a Sound Blaster X-FI..... Crashed it both using the XP/Vista drivers on the Cd, as well as the Win 7 beta drivers listed here Does...
  45. Half Evil

    Windows 7 task bar (dual monitor)

    Okay, installed Win 7 and trying to get dual monitors to work. Form what I read, ultra mon wont work, and neither will display fusion. Both of which were made for xp, and worked in vista, but still had the xp look task bars. I love the new windows and I want the same task bar on both...
  46. Half Evil

    Personal loan, online?

    JW.... it seems like there are alot of things out there and I am kind of overwhelmed. I bank with chase, but at this time do they do not offer motorcycle or personal loans to anyone. So I am SOL there and I do not really want to get a loan thru a bank, that I don't bank with. I would like to...
  47. Half Evil

    I need a photoshop please!

    Okay, I need a decal on my hood. I want this on it Link And I did lift my Jeep and get new wheels and tires on it. Supermanx22 should like this thread...
  48. Half Evil

    Lookin for a new DD

    Basically this: My reasoning is so...... My jeep soft top back window is thrashed and had to be thrown away. So I need to buy one new of those. But I really want a hard top.... and cant find one near me for under a grand. Also, I have under...
  49. Half Evil

    Reccomend me a PS3 game.

    Going to walmart after dinner. I would really like to pick up a new game. Any ideas?
  50. Half Evil

    Ultramon problem

    Whenever I am away from the computer for an hour or more, I have all the processes on the right (secondary) monitor (ultramon task bar monitor) open the same task on the left monitors task bar. So I can click either and make it pop up or disappear. I can click on the left monitor, and it opens...
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