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    How I convert my website?

    I am not getting it. If you don't like the theme then why don't change the theme. You can even go for custom theme options. WordPress is more versatile and has a comparatively bigger market share due to its community support.
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    I am new here.

    Hi Ma'am, Welcome to the community. This community is great to learn about technology, marketing, gadgets, etc
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    Which PC is best for Gaming?

    The Corsair One Pro i200 is a good choice for folks seeking a hybrid gaming machine for both graphic design work and play
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    How long do keyboards last?

    There is no compatibility sort of issue with keyboards. So, you can use the keyboard as long as it functions properly.
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    So I need to speed up my Website

    Well. I just checked with Gtemetrix. It's perfectly fine. Sometimes, a new plugin installation creates conflict with the theme. So, next time whenever you encounter such an issue. Try to undo recent changes first.
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    Web Development Languages/tools

    I agree with it. Python is a top skill these days. Go for it. Datacamp courses are good to learn python.
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    Web Developer Position

    Udemy is a good choice to learn but I would suggest getting practical exposure side by side by working on side projects. You can get such projects from social media groups as well.
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    Which is best languages for website development ?

    For web development, consider learning PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, JQuery and Python.
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    Have you used services from BlockDos

    How It is different from other websites offering the same services?
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    So I need to speed up my Website

    Can you please share the website URL? or share in which cms it's made? It would be then much easier for me to suggest a solution.
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    What is best web design trends in 2021

    Following web design trends will continue to emerge in the year 2021: 1. Parallax Scroll Animations 2. Augmented Reality 3. 3D Visuals 4. Retro Fonts 5. A focus on muted colors.
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    Free Grammar Checker Tool Better Than Grammarly!

    Well, Grammarly is a very good tool. I also use it. Anyways, if you are looking to move from Grammarly then choose from the list: ProWritingAid. Readable. WhiteSmoke. Ginger. Jetpack. Slick Write. 1Checker. Hemingway.
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