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    Streaming Devices

    I don't own a smart TV but for years I have been connecting laptops to big screen TVs with HDMLs. I would like to get a streaming device that can be used as a 'stand-alone', meaning without needed a device such as a phone or computer to stream from. What are my best options for streaming a...
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    Printer Ink

    I have a few questions about my printer's ink cartridges. I have a Canon Pixma TR7520. For years, regardless of the model, I have been buying 'knockoff' replacement cartridges online. Even decent 'knockoffs' can be a bit pricey it seems, especially for the printer model I have. Most...
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    Bluetooth Ear Buds

    Those definitely look alright. The only thing is that I was hoping for buds without any wires or connectors. I really need ear hook capability otherwise they won't stay in my ears for long. I've seen a few types on Amazon that seem to fit the bill. The only issue is that I don't know these...
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    Bluetooth Ear Buds

    I am shopping for Bluetooth ear buds with the following criteria: -will sync with my new Fitbit Versa 2 and my Samsung Galaxy 8+ -reasonable price (under $100) -have a built in mike -can add ear hooks to them -water / sweat proof for working out -decent battery life between charges Any...
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    Server denied POP3 Access

    Simply adding accounts so that I can download e-mails from other e-mail accounts to my main Gmail account.
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    Server denied POP3 Access

    I have already added 2 e-mail accounts to my main Gmail account for the purposes of regularly checking for e-mails on my main account. Both the accounts I added were from a different e-mail provider. I had absolutely no problem adding those 2 accounts from a different provider. Then, I tried...
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    Smart Watch Shopping

    I want to get a smart watch compatible with my Samsung S8+ phone. I am most interested in a good heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, and a decent battery life between charges. I would like it to have as many compatible functions with my phone as possible. My budget... Ideally below...
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    Desktop Shopping Suggestons

    I don't think I would go the build route. Most likely I will buy a pre-made machine. I don't have any specific requirements that would make building a machine much of a necessity. Also, given that I will likely have to do most if not all of my ordering online, it would be best to buy a...
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    Desktop Shopping Suggestons

    Would refurbished machines be a good way to go?
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    Desktop Shopping Suggestons

    I have been a windows laptop guy my whole PC life, as has my wife. I am thinking about buying 2 windows desktops for our home, that way we can free up a laptop or two for the kids and have full-sized machines to do a lot of things. As far as the key question about our budget.... well I would...
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    Computer Time

    What is the BIOS battery? This clock problem is on my desktop computer, not a laptop. Does the BIOS battery affect desktops?
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    checking e-mail from other accounts on a Gmail account

    I have had this issue a few times. I have a gmail account and I would like to b able to check mail from other addresses on it. I successfully managed to do so with a couple of accounts. However, I am still struggling to link others to it. I keep getting the following error message: Server...
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    Computer Time

    I am having an issue with the time clock on my computer. The time is always incorrect and causes issues with the wrong time being stamped on e-mails etc. I have tried the basic methods suggested to rectify the problem with no success. When I change the time manually, it will not keep the...
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    Touchpad Inactive

    Can't figure out the problem. I have an Acer Spin 5 laptop. The touchpad has been completely inactive for 4 or 5 days. I went into the touchpad setting in Device Manager and made sure they were active. I rebooted the machine a few times. Nothing. Still the same completely inactive touchpad...
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    Upgrading from Windows 7 to 10

    Is there a way to upgrade fro Windows 7 to 10 without a big production? I just started at a new position and inherited a Windows 7 desktop!
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    Desktop Clock Issues

    My Windows 7 desktop computer clock keeps changing to an incorrect time frequently. Can anyone advise how to correct the problem?
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