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    Top benefits of cloud computing

    12 Must-Know cloud computing Benefits During the previous few years, cloud computing has become a word that has become commonly used. As data consumption has expanded exponentially, which has followed the company's shift to the digitally 21st century, people and organizations are becoming...
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    How to Prevent Safe from DDoS Attacks

    Looks like I have to try it but right now I am taking services like this from reliable infotech in Australia.
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    vps hosting

    Well I don't know much about VPS providers but in Australia, I usually suggest kamatera please tell me if anyone knows about it more.
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    Chesp shared hosting

    According to me, you should go with kvchosting because It's reliable and your account will be activated in just a few hours. The second thing is the bigger data center that can contain a huge amount of data.
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    New system build for 2021 - $2k budget

    Thanks for your guide
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    New system build for 2021 - $2k budget

    ok i will remember it
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    New system build for 2021 - $2k budget

    In 2000$ budget i would recommend you Intel Core i5 8400 ASUS Gaming Plus Motherboard, GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GT OC 4GB graphics card, 16GB 3000MHz memory, SSD 240GB SSD, Seagate Barracuda 1TB hard drive Thermaltake Tempered Glass case, Windows 10
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    Newbie, first build" RAM frequency

    Looking perfect just change your processor to Intel icore9 and it's perfect now.
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    Chrome Browser Unresponsive

    If your chrome browser is not updated then the first thing to do is to update it as soon as the possible second thing just increase the ram of your pc to at least 8 GB. sign in your chrome and turn on sync
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    Computer doesn’t turn on anymore

    If your computer is not turning on then what you should try is to remove the battery and then plug your computer from the charger and then try to on it. In my case, it worked let's see what happened in your case.
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    Installed new psu, rgb header might have caused a small fire?

    I think you should use good quality of Power supplying unit for your computer because quality is more important than price like according to me you should use Seasonic Prime Titanium TX-1000
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    Hello all! new and i have ethernet ?

    You can use your data cable as to use ethernet or you can contact Aussie Broadband if you are from Australia. Ethernet is far supportive and reliable than a wifi connection also you will get a good speed of internet too.
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    Network question

    You just need to find the best wifi speed provider in your area like in my area Telstra is the best and it gives me a good speed of internet.
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    Want to use 2nd router

    yes you can use 2nd router but for using it you need to set appropriate settings in wifi settings.
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    What Graphics Card to get for my Dell?

    GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GT OC 4GB graphics card
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    Building software

    You are looking for bilging a software well you can do it by your self too if you have the knowledge there are a lot of courses that can teach you software development but I would suggest you don't invest time in learning just pay someone for building software and thea/t enough. Don't put effort...
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    Best Tech Companies to Work for in 2021

    Well for me google is the best company to work in but right now I am working in reliable infotech in Wollongong. so right now it's a dream for me.
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    What are the database disaster recovery best practices?

    Hello! I wanted to know what are the best database recovery methods that can secure my data in every kind of disaster.
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    need help solution for VPN

    I can understand why you need site to site VPN now what you can for an IPSec connection is to first configure ISAKMP and second configure IPSec . Here how to configure ISAKMP R1(config)# crypto isakmp policy 1 R1(config-isakmp)# encr 3des R1(config-isakmp)# hash md5 R1(config-isakmp)#...
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    VPN router setting

    Totally agreed with @PP Mguire Placing two devices on the same network is required if you want to control them. The second option you can try that is the consulting to the network security service providers they are the best in these kinds of case.
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    Good VPS providers in US and Australia?

    Well, I am not sure in the US but in Australia, there are many good virtual private server provider that gives full root access for VPS you should have some advance tech knowledge. I live in Wollongong Australia and I know reliable infotech solutions for their work. I don't know they are best or...
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    How I convert my website?

    Please elaborate your question so we can understand how you want to convert your website like if you want to add some features or something else or you want to convert it to an e-commerce website
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    Windows 10 audio issue

    If you tried all known techniques then try Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:esd:E:\Sources\Install.esd:1 /limit access this formula in your computer cmd promt.
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    Windows 10 audio issue

    ya when we do an update in window 10 it brings us some difficulties too but that can solve what you can do is try resetting the audio setting on your device. Second thing is to uninstall the recent updates and do them again with a proper data connection
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    How might I set up a remote workstation?

    Yes, we can set up a remote workstation but what we need for that is remote software that can record the activities of a working computer. We don't have to invest in the system we have to invest in software that can monitor every activity on a system
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    Used Workstation - which to buy?

    All options are good, but I will choose Lenovo D20 as your workstation because I use it and I love this device, and I am now searching for a proactive workstation.
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    Ecommerce conversion is helpful for website traffic. If yes, how ?

    Can you elaborate on your topic on what you mean by eCommerce conversion
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    Performance instability in online games after new CPU & Mobo upgrade.

    If you are having problems after doing an update then just simply uninstall it you will see the performance back in to your pc
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    How To: Clean an infected PC

    Hmm found it great but I would like to see that my laptop never gets infected by any virus that's why I usse the most trusted defender services for my laptop.
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    My pc crashes when I try to play most games

    Try increasing your ram to ddr 2133 it is the best for playing games and if you have a good processor then you don't need to worry about crashing game while playing
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    Pc cleaning methods

    Thanks for your reply It helped a lot. Otherwise I was going to IT consulting companies in Australia.
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    Pc cleaning methods

    here is what I do first I generate a backup of my valuable data then run pc cleaner and delete the data but what about the fan which is an important part of our pc or laptop I don't know how to clean it. And yes, one thing can be done too if you have the software you use only for your work then...
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    The Hardware Shopping MegaThread

    I have some Australian websites Miniature Center. and eBay
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    Which PC is best for Gaming?

    Build a custom pc for yourself and make it the best for you. Now how you can make a custom gaming computer by yourself is simple just set your budget and buy components for the pc. here I will suggest you a gaming pc that you can make in $2299 Intel Core i5 8400, ASUS Gaming Plus Motherboard...
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    [[SPECIFIC]] Which Laptop Is Better?

    well you need a laptop for school so I will go with HP pavaliion x360 because the screen is bigger than Samsung spin so you can take online classes easily on that. Second thening is the price x360 is cheaper then samsung spin. third one is you don't need a high performance pc so I think hp...
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    hello everyone can anyone tell me what is the solution so we don't click on post that comes us from somewhere and we have to click it for getting our goals.
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    Hi guys

    Hello every one i am amanda just joined here
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