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  1. Legodude522

    My newest toy, System76 Oryx Pro

    There's been a lot of changes to Linux gaming that I need to catch up on. Stuff like Lutris and Vulkan. I gave StarCraft Remastered a try and it was less than perfect, had trouble with multiple screens and windowed mode. From what I read, Linux gaming should be near perfect so it may be some...
  2. Legodude522

    My newest toy, System76 Oryx Pro

    I decided I had too many computers and it was time to sell everything I had and switch to powerful laptop. Sold my gaming desktop, my MSI gaming laptop, and my iMacs. My goal was to just have one computer to do everything I want. I already have a paid Dropbox subscription and a local NAS with...
  3. Legodude522

    TikiWiki Questions

    That might be something to look into too. I was able to get an answer on the TikiWiki forum. TikiWiki forum registration is a manual process and took 24 hours for approval. There is a feature under Advanced Settings called Page ID which did exactly what I wanted. By default, I only see Basic...
  4. Legodude522

    Your first computer, how did it change ur life

    My first memory was of a Commodore 64. This however did not last long since my brother dropped it down the stairs. I would have been around 5 or 6 at the time. My real experience with a computer was Christmas ~1997 when we got a Packard Bell Pentium 1 running Windows 95.
  5. Legodude522

    TikiWiki Questions

    I'm building a new website using TikiWiki 17. Each wiki page has a URL generated based on the title. However the titles will be dynamic due to the nature of how the site will be run. So if the title changes, the links to that page break. I want each wiki page to have it's own number so that...
  6. Legodude522

    Can't install Update

    Having never heard of Driver Booster, I Googled it and it looks like something I would never install on my system. I would download the driver directly from the manufacturer and install it. The updated driver might not even be necessary.
  7. Legodude522

    windows explorer keeps stop working

    I don't know Internet Explorer that well but if you are accustomed to using Microsoft's browsers, have you tried Microsoft Edge?
  8. Legodude522

    Howdy everyone??

    Welcome to the forum!
  9. Legodude522

    Bad storm here

    That storm was nuts here in Austin. My UPS was beeping all night.
  10. Legodude522

    hard drive acting up

    I would recommend using Ultimate Boot CD/ to scan the drive or get the utility from the manufacturer.
  11. Legodude522

    Using personal phone to check work email

    If you are just accessing your email through a browser, you probably have nothing to worry about. If you are adding your work email though an email client, corporate security settings might get pushed to your phone but you would typically be notified while setting up. My corporate iPhone...
  12. Legodude522

    windows explorer keeps stop working

    Does the problem only occur in Internet Explorer? Have you tried other browsers? My best guess would be to update IE, update plugins, turn off plugins, and try compatibility mode.
  13. Legodude522

    Hardware conflicts

    I'm not sure if you are using the correct terminology here, I have never heard of an "ATX Monitor". Perhaps you mean VGA or DVI? Sounds like your HDMI is taking over the audio. You can select your audio device on Windows 7 if you right click on the speaker icon in your system tray and click...
  14. Legodude522

    Bluetooth device working on Windows 10 but not 7

    Huzzah! Installing the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack did the trick! If it asks for pin, typing in 0000 seems to do the trick. I will relay this information to their technical support engineers. There are multiple mirrors but I downloaded it here...
  15. Legodude522

    Bluetooth device working on Windows 10 but not 7

    Yes, also tried this cheap generic adapter on Amazon. I'm going to try the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack next.
  16. Legodude522

    Bluetooth device working on Windows 10 but not 7

    I'm stumped. I recently got new hearing aids with an accessory that allows me to turn them into a stereo Bluetooth headset. I can connect it to my Windows 10 laptop and it works without a hitch. On my Windows 7 gaming PC, I can get it to pair but it will not connect successfully. I have...
  17. Legodude522

    Desktop as a carryon? (USA)

    Well I do not intend to plug it in and use it while on the plane. lol. It should still look like a standard carry on, they just wouldn't know it's a computer until it goes through the X-Ray.
  18. Legodude522

    Desktop as a carryon? (USA)

    I'm designing a new gaming PC out of a Pelican 1510 case that can be used as a carry on when flying. Does anyone here have experience flying with a desktop PC? As far as I know, TSA would have to allow it as long as it's not liquid cooled.
  19. Legodude522

    Random Chit Chat

    So who else is excited about the new Raspberry Pi?
  20. Legodude522

    Random Chit Chat

    My neighbors had some awesome fireworks for New Years. Wish I knew, I would have flown my quadcopter to get some footage.
  21. Legodude522

    weird new years eve

    Saw lots of great fireworks in my neighborhood. The neighborhood is built on a slop and my neighbor up the hill from me was launching so they were all going off in front of us. The dog didn't appreciate it but the display was outstanding.
  22. Legodude522

    Happy New Years eve

    Happy New Year! Moved to a new time zone a few months ago so I'm still trying to figure out if I celebrate New Years at 11pm when the ball drops or 12pm.
  23. Legodude522

    My nephew the sneak thief

    One thing I don't miss about NJ is the heroin problem. I've lost several friends to it and still have other friends that are struggling. It has become a really big thing amongst young middle class white people in Jersey. You never know who is living the struggle.
  24. Legodude522

    G-Mail Privacy

    Then a VPN is probably the best choice.
  25. Legodude522

    G-Mail Privacy

    Even in your browser's "privacy mode"? You can always get a VPN if you don't mind spending about $7 USD a month.
  26. Legodude522

    Have you gone to see "The Interview"?

    I loved it. I was already laughing in the first 5 minutes.
  27. Legodude522

    So what did you get for Christmas?

    Got a Nintendo 3DS and a 16gb Lego flash drive :)
  28. Legodude522

    G-Mail Privacy

    Why don't you just do your Google searches while not logged into Google?
  29. Legodude522

    Long time no see!

    Welcome back David!
  30. Legodude522


    Welcome to the forum!
  31. Legodude522

    Safe Websites for Watching Movies?

    Often overlooked but if you have an HBO subscription with your cable service, you get HBO GO for free.
  32. Legodude522

    Random Chit Chat

    My current speed with my new AT&T U-verse fiber connection. Occasionally it will go as high as 900Mb/s.
  33. Legodude522

    Happy Birthday to me

    Happy birthday Setishock!
  34. Legodude522

    What do you do for a living?

    I calibrate and maintain air and water quality instruments as well as XRF analyzers and mapping grade GPS's.
  35. Legodude522

    Is this possable to do while on vacation?

    You might want to also check out WiGLE to locate available hotspots. What phone do you have?
  36. Legodude522

    1 Year Ago...

    Congrats! And good luck on your goal. :thumb:
  37. Legodude522

    Favorite Video Game

    Of all time? Super Mario Brothers 3.
  38. Legodude522

    Finding or generating wordlists?

    I recently moved to a new neighborhood that is more densely populated. I also have a new router and WPA2 encryption setup. I just want to see how long it would take for me to crack my current password using a wordlist attack. Since I'm lazy, I'm using my 10 digit phone number as my wifi...
  39. Legodude522

    My turn to ask for help

    Off topic, I haven't been around for a while but I also have a quadcopter. I fly a Blade 350 QX.
  40. Legodude522

    Updating iPhone

    There doesn't appear to be a jailbreak for 6.1.3 on the iPhone 4s.
  41. Legodude522

    Updating iPhone

    I'll have to while I still can! I won't be able to try it until tomorrow.
  42. Legodude522

    Updating iPhone

    BK is right, I can't. I can download the file but iTunes will not let me use it because it calls home to activate the install.
  43. Legodude522

    Updating iPhone

    I've been researching but it might be easier to just ask here. I having an iPhone 4s with iOS 5.1.1. I want to update to iOS 6.1.2. Apple wants me to update to iOS 6.1.3 but I do not want to. I like being able to jailbreak and I got apps in Cydia that I have purchased. Anyone know a way to...
  44. Legodude522

    Business Idea

    I have a friend that will build PCs here in the US and then ship them to his country in Africa to sell. Computers there cost double than what they cost here so there is room for profit. He gets a good deal shipping them via container.
  45. Legodude522

    What is the worst os ever made

    Windows 3.11 FTW!
  46. Legodude522

    Truck question

    I'm not a much of a mechanic but my dad is asking me to help him look something up and I'm having difficulty finding what he needs. He needs the intake manifold torque sequence for a 2001 Chevy S-10 V6 4.3L engine. I'm finding lots of vague info Googling it.
  47. Legodude522

    Inside seti's head

    I got an MRI when I was 7 and still have the scans for it.
  48. Legodude522

    CF Group Chat

    On one of the other forums I used to go on a lot, they had a weekly chat like every Wednesday night at 9. Looked forward to going on every week. Having a specific time for a group chat might help getting people to stick around.
  49. Legodude522

    Little help with a classic game

    And now I'm going to find a copy of this so I can play Rodents Revenge.