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  1. DBrown51

    Network+ Employment Opportunity?

    Hey all, I recently received the comptia network + certification. I was working for a SMB with a dual role as estimator and sysadmin. I was just wondering if there is a huge benefit to getting the certification. Some say it doesn't mean much and that experience is everything. I find that...
  2. DBrown51

    Using PFSense virtual machine as LAN firewall

    I have a PFSense box that I use for a virtual network, is there any way that I can use PFSense in a virtual machine as my main LAN firewall, DHCP, etc? Thanks
  3. DBrown51

    Best mobile hotspot?

    I hope this is the right spot but I have a friend who wants to use a hotspot while travelling, I am not familiar with any good ones, do you guys have any recommendations. Thanks
  4. DBrown51

    CCNA vs Network+ Certifications

    I am wondering if one of these certifications is better than the other. I have studied pretty good on the Comptia side and I think I am close to ready to take to the test. I also have been reading a little bit on the CCNA cert. Do these go hand in hand or is one better? Thanks
  5. DBrown51

    need advice on a vpn

    I used express and love it, I probably won't ever switch. It's fast and reliable.
  6. DBrown51

    In need of a new RPG

    I knew I shoulda put that in there, Fallout series, Skyrim, Mass Effect 1 & 2, tried Witcher 3 but couldn't get in to however I hear it's well worth it.
  7. DBrown51

    In need of a new RPG

    I am looking for recommendations on an RPG, I am pretty open to most and I'd like to play something that I haven't before, please throw out some ideas. Thanks
  8. DBrown51

    Building a network.

    I was having some issues with my switch not too long ago and I found out that my culprit was my DHCP settings. Do you have any devices on static assignment?
  9. DBrown51

    New router

    I'm a NETGEAR guy myself, I'd recommend the Nighthawk AC2600, how many devices are going to be attached?
  10. DBrown51

    Virtual Test Machine

    Hey all, I am wondering if it is safe to create a VM that I can test phishing emails on. If it is possible what settings should I use on the VM to ensure safety, also should I use Linux or Windows or does that not matter? Thanks
  11. DBrown51

    SNMP Monitoring Tools

    Hey, Are there any good free SNMP monitoring apps for a network? I am slowly but surely transitioning into our Network Administrator role here at my job, we are a small company of about 25 computers in our office.
  12. DBrown51

    Windows 10 build not working

    That's the problem. Nothing works on my computer anymore. Windows 8 was the original OS. My computer won't let me uninstall anything, no command prompt, no recovery tools. Nothing
  13. DBrown51

    Windows 10 build not working

    I was in the insider program and wanted out. Once a selected to leave program, windows 10 reverted but now doesn't work. I can get to the desktop but that's it. My problem is I'm trying to reset the computer from the motherboard however, removing the CMOS chip and resetting the jumper is not...
  14. DBrown51

    Apologies and a question about program on a VB

    My apologies for my previous post, is it illegal to put Mac OS on a PC? Also can I put certain program on my virtual box and not my regular PC. For example if I want to a program like Itunes on the VB and not the PC can I do that?
  15. DBrown51

    Trouble installing Mac on my Window PC

    I recently bought a copy of the Mac OS, I am trying to run it through my Virtual box but I keep getting an error. Bios disk read error at sector: 00000011 Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  16. DBrown51

    hard drive partition(s) ????

    I'm not sure either
  17. DBrown51

    hard drive partition(s) ????

    I have two recovery partitions on my SSD drive, one is 450mb and the other is 451 mb, can I delete one of those? Do they do the same thing?
  18. DBrown51

    Halo 2 vs 3 vs 4 vs 5 ? Whats YOUR Favorite

    Thanks, I'm going to check it out
  19. DBrown51

    What is a good quality VPN?

    This is probably a dumb VPN question, your ISP can still track what you do even while using a VPN correct?
  20. DBrown51

    GTX 970

    Arma 3 is usually my benchmark, I would imagine a 1080 would be more beneficial for that game
  21. DBrown51

    Beam vs Twitch

    I recently started watching Beam for games. I seem to like it more than Twitch. The delay is way better and it seems to run smoother. What do you guys think?
  22. DBrown51

    Halo 2 vs 3 vs 4 vs 5 ? Whats YOUR Favorite

    Halo 2 was the best hands down. The duel wield was perfect and the maps were legit. Don't forget super jumping
  23. DBrown51

    Nintendo Switch

    How is the battery life? I read about 3 hours depending on what you're doing
  24. DBrown51

    GTX 970

    I'm also thinking of upgrading the 970 to 1080, would there be huge benefit of doing so? I do not intend to upgrade my monitor yet which 1080.
  25. DBrown51

    Stuck in continuous repairing PC loop

    Yea there was an update, I booted to a previous version which worked. I just don't want it to be something on my end outside of the update
  26. DBrown51

    Stuck in continuous repairing PC loop

    My PC worked just fine last night, when I went to turn it on this morning, I got stuck in a repairing PC loop that never worked. I eventually had to rollback the version of windows, I also have the Win 10 insider program so maybe that was it(i also send this to them too) I just wanted to know...
  27. DBrown51

    Transferring data from old laptop HDD to PC

    Thank you, will just any enclosure work, I saw some cheap on amazon
  28. DBrown51

    Transferring data from old laptop HDD to PC

    My old laptop broke so I took the hard drive out. What is the best to transfer some files from that drive to my desktop
  29. DBrown51

    Audio output through different sources

    I couldn't change the audio output on the app, but I will try this software, thanks
  30. DBrown51

    Audio output through different sources

    I am wondering if there is a way I can get chat to come through my headset and my game audio to come through my speakers. For example I use the xbox app for chatting on my PC, I do not want my game audio to come through my headset(regular headset) I would like that to come through my speakers...
  31. DBrown51

    GTX 970

    Thanksa lot, I forgot to mention, I use EVGA precision for the OCing
  32. DBrown51

    GTX 970

    I7 4790s, NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 970, DDR3 RAM, I have 3 fans, Corsair - CX Series Modular CX750M 750W
  33. DBrown51

    GTX 970

    I7 processor, 12 GB of ram, anything else?
  34. DBrown51

    GTX 970

    I've been experimenting with overclocking my GPU, most guides say to increase threshold by +10, I've gotten up to +50 and stopped, I didn't want to go any further, also at +50 I didn't notice any gameplay differences(arma 3) Do I need to go higher, is it safe to go higher, I tried looking to...
  35. DBrown51

    Power Button not working

    This might be kind of vague but my power button isn't working on my tower, it used to light up when I turned my PC but now it doesn't even light up so I think it has to do with the connection to the button, I've been turning on the pc with a screwdriver on the motherboard. Two things, is it...
  36. DBrown51

    Steaming NFL games

    Does anybody have a good reliable site for streaming NFL games? Thanks in advance
  37. DBrown51

    Learning programming.

    I have started learning C++ on my own and am doing pretty well so far. My buddy has a card game idea sort of like magic that he wants to create, what language do you think would be best suitable for that, I have some knowledge of VB too. Also are there any places where I can put my code up and...
  38. DBrown51

    Cannot uninstall an application from control panel

    Good call, didn't think of that!
  39. DBrown51

    Cannot uninstall an application from control panel

    Still couldn't find it, and now the error isn't popping up anymore, it doesn't do anything, if I remember corrected it was a registry error of some sort
  40. DBrown51

    Cannot uninstall an application from control panel

    I have a game "Atlas Reactor Live" that will not uninstall from programs and features, I can't seem to find it anywhere on my hard drive either, is it safe to assume that it's gone and just won't uninstall?
  41. DBrown51

    Wanting the learn command prompt

    The different commands list is perfect thanks! One more question for example, what command would I use to defrag my C: drive, DEFRAG <C:> [-f]
  42. DBrown51

    Wanting the learn command prompt

    I am looking to get more savvy with the command prompt, I only know the very basics. Does anyone have any recommendations on tutorials or anything online that can show me and the ins and outs, I'm pretty sure I could google it but I wanted your guys' opinions Thanks
  43. DBrown51

    Xbox one app won't connect to parties

    Whenever I try to join a party from my PC, I can't connect. When I diagnose the problem it says that my teredo address is not obtained, does anybody know what this is about and how to fix it? Thanks
  44. DBrown51

    Turning on IPv6

    Yeah, you're probably right, I think I am looking too deep in to the issue lol
  45. DBrown51

    Turning on IPv6

    Somehow my IPv6 is showing no network access in my wi-fi management. I've unchecked it and checked it again but it is still showing no access. How do I get network access?
  46. DBrown51

    Can I SLI from two different brands?

    Wow, Titan SLI isn't enough?
  47. DBrown51

    Cross Platforming Pros and Cons...

    Yeah, I can see console players complaining if there wasn't
  48. DBrown51

    Cross Platforming Pros and Cons...

    There we go! Get after it!
  49. DBrown51

    Cross Platforming Pros and Cons...

    True, PC community's not having that, count me out