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    What Graphics Card to get for my Dell?

    Yea but would work
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    Trouble Mapping Private Shares From My Cloud EX2 Ultra

    What kind of gateways or managed switches are you using?
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    How to Read a SIM Card

    First off SIM and MicroSD are diffrent they require diffrent readers You need a sim card reader and then you have to mount the media and that depends on os version but if you ran vmware with Ubuntu it might recognize it if Apple run a containor with Ubuntu.
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    wifi and bluetooth adapter pci

    But if you need Bluetooth too you need a USB 3.0 header on your motherboard first
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    Feedback on What To Get For New Build/Upgrade?

    Msi high end is great low end sucks For your price almost impossible I'd do 3600 x470 asus prime-a with 16gb ddr4 3200 cl 16 256gb adata m.2 ssd 2tb Seagate 7200rpm hdd(run in stormi) Keep the psu get a corsair 275r airflow case and graphics card whatever you can get
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    What Graphics Card to get for my Dell?

    Some 1050ti come with low profile brackets and don't need more than a 4pin connector that's I heard of some 2060s that had the same hook up but that's ur best
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    Small Business network setup

    You can get a wifi router or a managed switch with aps it depends on security level needed and how secure your Lan must be.
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    wifi/lan bridge fails on some networks

    Are you using a pi for vpn traffic
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    wifi router being hacked

    Did you install any certificates the SolarWinds model of fake certificates being used for hijacking communications has been very effective and when I got hacked a few months ago it was acauly my BIOS and a exploit with my wireless chipset check the CISA vurnrability list to see if you can see...
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    Startup Wifi delay

    What's your beacon interval on the wifi router my guess is 300 seconds changing it would possibly also possibly mac binding a static ip might help to it sounds like you have a bad router.
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    Zero trust model

    Does anyone know an open source appor apk for utilizing the zero trust model linking the cert server with client side biometric reading.