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  1. carnageX

    CSS Design Issue Advice

    Open up your browser's Dev Tools (F12) and check to see if you have any inherited styles/classes adding that margin / padding.
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    Web Developer Position

    Depends on if you're trying to do freelance or get a job with a company as a developer, really.
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    Facing issues with the cloud platform.

    Sounds like a static code analysis tool - which can be beneficial for sure. But there's limits to what it can "find" as well. it will most likely report back "best practices" or any custom rule sets you define or that the company has defined for rules (i.e. variable/function/method name...
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    Facing issues with the cloud platform.

    If a human wrote it, it will have bugs. No such thing as bug-free software. That said - you can take steps to reduce bugs during development. The biggest would be: unit testing. Create unit tests that can be ran automatically each time a feature gets added/changed/etc. All of your...
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    So I need to speed up my Website

    Looks like ilt might be due to WooCommerce conflicting with some stuff you have going on: Check the last post on page 3. That endpoint (/?wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments) is causing a ~3s load time. You could...
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    Which is best languages for website development ?

    HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are going to be required for any front-end, content, and design work. As for back-end (if needed)...kinda depends. I'm a .NET Developer, so I work with C# as a back-end language; others may work in Python, PHP, or even just stick with JavaScript and run a Node.js...
  7. carnageX

    roulette display programing

    @Jakobesand Had some time and I updated it. Here's what I added/changed: +Added min/max bet +Added Column stats +Added Dozens stats +Moved config items to settings modal +Save settings in browser storage to persist across loads/refreshes +Add history limit as configurable (default: 10)
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    roulette display programing

    👍 Yes, I did! I checked this morning. Thanks a ton, I appreciate it!
  9. carnageX

    roulette display programing

    Man, this'll be some fully-featured software by the time I'm done 😂. Didn't realize there was this big of a need for it! I can for sure look into adding those stats to the display. Does the min/max bet need to persist across page refreshes/loading the app? Or do you want to select that...
  10. carnageX

    OS laptops capable of downloading software online.

    I'll jump in as well to the software bit you mentioned: Notepad++ is great and I use it for quite a lot of things, but for development - VS Code will be better for you, especially with add-on / snippet / source control support.
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    roulette display programing

    Sure, I had a little bit of time last night to play with it. @cbsmyer you may also be interested in the update v2.3 -Added toggleable dark theme (persists between page refreshes) -Spinning roulette icon on "No recent spins" section
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    older games question

    This. RetroArch is what you're looking for, and then DosBox-Pure engine added in.
  13. carnageX

    older games question

    I know you're asking about not using something like DosBox and just running natively...but I recently found this: It's a fork of DosBox and supposed to be a bit easier to use.
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    roulette display programing

    Changed the layout a bit... let me know what you think.
  15. carnageX

    roulette display programing

    Sure thing - moving stuff around now to see how it looks.
  16. carnageX

    roulette display programing

    I did! Thanks a ton! I'm sure I could - I think i put them there because I had intended the board and number selection to the biggest, so you could see it on a TV the best/from far away if needed. And the stats were an "optional" thing so I just kinda put them in the corner. I can play with...
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    roulette display programing

    I have a PayPal link in my signature if that works for you? Otherwise I'd have to find my wife's Venmo lol.
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    roulette display programing

    Sure thing, here you go. I mean I wouldn't object - they're hungry 😂
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    Website design in which programming language

    This forum is powered by XenForo, which is a PHP back-end. You can also use a site called "BuiltWith" to look up sites to see what info they expose in regards to server information, backend languages, etc. Knowing the backend language isn't going to do much for "hacking". Any language can...
  20. carnageX

    DDOS attack prevention PS4

    Play nicely... @Michael Ramcard PP is saying it cannot be connected DIRECTLY to a VPN. There's other ways to connect it to a VPN, sure, like through a router or another system. But no way DIRECTLY, just proxied through another device. That's what he's saying. PP Didn't allude to that...
  21. carnageX

    how would i automate the selection of various fields in a dropdown?

    Yeah there's browser extensions that let you automate forms. I can't remember which ones off-hand, but I used a few at work while developing form-heavy sites.
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    Official Windows 10 Thread

    No issues with 2004 on any of my 3 home PC's.
  23. carnageX

    recommend me a light-weight browser?

    Mine is pretty RAM hungry on my work machine too. Doesn't help that I have about 50 tabs open at all times tho either :lol:
  24. carnageX

    Windows 10: History items found with file explorer search?

    Sounds like it's related to Start Menu history:
  25. carnageX

    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    I believe there's extensions/add-ons that do that. Just search "night mode" in the Add-ons window and you'll get some results. Edit: Oops, didn't see Joe replied - needed to refresh my browser I guess.
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    how do i access my Dad's computer?

    Chrome Remote Desktop is a good alternative as well. Just requires Chrome to be installed on the target and host machines.
  27. carnageX

    Laptop turns off when plugged in

    Check your charge port and see if it looks ok. While the charger is plugged into the laptop, try to wiggle it - does it move around? Or does it feel solid? Could be a bad / shorted jack.
  28. carnageX

    Unable To Download Extensions In UC Browser! What the heck?!

    I personally wouldn't use it out of security concerns:
  29. carnageX

    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    ? Thanks. Yeah been helping out my wife all throughout this pregnancy, since I've been working from home since around March. Last kid, I didn't have explicit paternity leave - I had to use vacation/sick leave. This time around, our benefits have changed and we get 60% provided leave, and the...
  30. carnageX

    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    First day "back" (still working from home) at work today from paternity leave. Gonna be a loooong day.
  31. carnageX

    Let's talk mice..

    I have a Logitech G700s...I'm going to be sad when it dies since they don't make it anymore. Wired / wireless, plenty of buttons, stored profiles...all the good stuff. I have a G602 wireless mouse at the office; have shortcuts in Visual Studio tied to the side buttons for that mouse.
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    roulette display programing

    :LOL: My time is a bit more spread-thin nowadays, 3 kids and all now. I'll jump on it if you pay me tho! :p That said...I did have some time a month or so ago, and made some updates to the roulette app, and incorporated some statistics into it (like what was shown in the previous screenshot)...
  33. carnageX

    The Best Online Anti-Cheat Software?

    You already have a topic open on this; no need for another.
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    And we're back - Techist Updates and Account Help

    Huzzah! Now...can we get a dark theme? :D
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    I have everything set to dark theme that I can; home and work. Work especially, since I'm staring at code a lot of the day.
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    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    Maybe we'll finally get a dark theme.
  37. carnageX

    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    My thoughts as well. PP is referencing that the merger and update has been promised for years now (around 4 or or 5?). And upgrades to vBulletin had been promised in the past by previous owners...10 years ago. We're running an extremely old version of vBulletin; Xenforo is much more modern...
  38. carnageX

    Potentially the longest thread in history...

    Oh **** whaddup
  39. carnageX

    Whats happening with the Forums.

    Hopefully moving to Xenforo :p
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    roulette display programing

    I would assume so.
  41. carnageX

    roulette display programing

    What exactly about it? The winning #'s are displayed on the right I see - which my app already does, just in a different format. Difference I see is that display also has the %'s listed.
  42. carnageX

    roulette display programing

    The web app I wrote & attached above works similar to this way. The number does not disappear however - it stays on screen in a "last 10 numbers" column, until 10 more numbers have been chosen, or you click the "Clear History" button. You use a mouse to click the roulette entry that you...
  43. carnageX

    how to stop a site from reloading which takes a long time

    Do the questions that load change depending on your answer? I would assume they do, otherwise the loading behavior is just odd design from a programmatic standpoint. I've never used OkCupid, so I'm not sure how it works.
  44. carnageX

    how to stop a site from reloading which takes a long time

    That'll only work for whole-page refreshes. Sounds like the site is doing partial post-backs, or Ajax queries from javascript to load content. Can you scroll through the whole questionnaire to pre-load all of the questions, and then go back and answer them? Is this during a "peak time" when...
  45. carnageX

    how to allow location sharing on microsoft edge

    @OP: do you have location access turned off in Windows 10 settings?
  46. carnageX

    how to allow location sharing on microsoft edge

    Edge and Chrome are the same thing now - both use the Chromium engine. Chrome just has Google customizations.
  47. carnageX

    what is different in internet explorer reeendering pages?

    IE used a proprietary engine (Trident) that MS created, that didn't follow web standards - they made up/followed their own standards. This is why web developers hate IE, because they always had to add in checks if the user was using IE vs a standards-conforming browser (Firefox, Opera, Chrome...